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This company could make the best affordable smartphone of 2020

OnePlus recently said that making a cheaper smartphone would get it back on track. According to a report from Android Central, the launch of such a mobile device could happen soon. In an interview provided by CEO Pete Lau, it says the brand will prepare a new OnePlus device aimed at the Indian market. While […]

Windows 7 – this is what an iconic operating system might look like today

Although Microsoft has officially ended support for Windows 7, there is still a group of fans of the old OS that cannot come to terms with this fact, to the point that they have prepared their vision for a modern version of Windows 7. As of January 14, 2020, technical support and software updates from […]

Facebook’s invention – it could be a breakthrough

Facebook can create new virtual reality glasses. Photos of a prototype of such a gadget got to the network. Facebook has invested heavily in augmented and virtual reality in recent years. An example is at least Oculus, which is still engaged in the creation of such gadgets. However, the Internet got information according to which […]

Mysterious object off the coast of Florida (video)

Some time ago, an interesting video appeared on FishMonster’s Facebook profile showing a strange object floating on the water off the coast of Florida. Although the object was a real mystery for a while, it was possible to find out what it really is. The video posted on the fishing profile generated a lot of […]

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