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Fujifilm provides an app that turns cameras into webcams

Fujifilm has released new software that allows you to turn some mirrorless cameras into webcams. Everything should work quickly and with minimal configuration. Fujifilm has released the Fujifilm X Webcam application, which works over a USB port and allows you to turn your camera into a kind of webcam. This will allow users to use […]

Patch Tuesday – Microsoft provides fixes for Windows and other programs

Patch Tuesday falls on every second Tuesday of the month. Another such day is behind us, and Microsoft has released updates for Windows and other software products. In June, a solution to as many as 129 different problems was prepared. Some of these were serious software vulnerabilities that allowed remote code execution. Microsoft has put […]

Mysterious object off the coast of Florida (video)

Some time ago, an interesting video appeared on FishMonster’s Facebook profile showing a strange object floating on the water off the coast of Florida. Although the object was a real mystery for a while, it was possible to find out what it really is. The video posted on the fishing profile generated a lot of […]

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