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Oura ring will tell if anyone has coronavirus

Researchers have created a special digital platform that, using the Oura ring, can detect symptoms associated with coronavirus -19 with 90 percent accuracy. The Oura Health ring is a gadget that has been on the market for some time. It is already used by Prince Harry, who received a ring as a gift from his […]

Infrared thermometer + biometric scanner that records employee attendance and health status!

Used correctly and ethically, contact tracing and biometric identification can truly help contain the spread of pandemics. The recently created VERO is more than just a regular thermometer … it was developed to help companies monitor the health of their individual employees. Designed as part of Render Weekly, VERO reads temperature using non-contact infrared sensors, […]

Apple has an idea for group selfies in the age of social isolation

We live in an era where social isolation is recommended. So group selfies are a problem. Meanwhile, Apple has an idea for this solution, which it has patented. The company received a patent describing the function of creating group photographs that will consist of images of people from different photographs. Apple has an interesting solution […]

A mysterious signal from space returns every 57 days

Fast radio bursts (FRB) are amazing events that only last a few milliseconds. Less than 100 such events are known, and only a small part of them are repeated regularly. Among the latter group is FRB 121102, the first FRB whose origin has been traced. New research has shown that FRB 121102 may be returning […]

Microsoft Teams with the ability to set a background from your own photo

Microsoft Teams is an application that is constantly being improved. The Redmond giant has unveiled yet another novelty, and this time it’s related to the background for video calling. Users can finally install it with their own photo. By the way, solutions were announced that are available in the free version of Teams. Microsoft this […]

An ordinary light bulb allows you to listen from a distance of 25 meters

Smart home devices can be jailbroken, be it the camera and microphone of a laptop or smartphone. Phishing, bad password, or carelessness can lead to a hacked mailbox or bank account. However, we must not forget about the more traditional methods of observation. This is best illustrated by the fact that an ordinary household light […]

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