Panasonic KX-TGE510 – DECT Telephone for Seniors

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In June, Panasonic is launching a new DECT home phone, the Panasonic KX-TGE510.

Simple operation, emergency call function, high quality sound with intelligent adjustment, “talking buttons”, large and bright display and energy saving mode make the novelty an ideal home phone, especially for the elderly and children.

The new DECT telephone features enhanced functionality and provides additional security and user comfort.

The emergency call function will help you quickly call family and friends in case of problems or danger. After pressing the “panic key”, the phone will start dialing emergency numbers from the list (up to four phones can be registered in advance) until the subscriber at the other end answers. Immediately after that, the phone will play a pre-recorded emergency message and start talking. It is important that this function is available even when the keyboard is locked.

The “Smart call” function allows you to configure the phone to detect the noise level in the room and, if it exceeds the set value, the device will automatically increase the ringtone volume in the handset to the maximum. An incoming call is also signaled by a large indicator light built into the handset.

The KX-TGE510 fits almost anywhere in your home or apartment. The body of the device is shock-resistant and the tube coating is pleasant to the touch.

The black numbers stand out well on the large silver buttons on the handset, which, thanks to the bright white backlighting, can be seen even by those with vision problems. “Talking buttons” will allow you to check if the number is dialed correctly.

On the left side of the handset there are volume controls and a quick sound boost button. Pressing once will automatically raise the volume four levels. The handset has a built-in digital duplex speakerphone that can be used for hands-free communication. The KX-TGE510 is also hearing aid compatible.

The phone provides a notebook for 150 numbers and three speed dial buttons. They can be pre-programmed to call the mobile phones of family members or friends. At the same time, the “black list” for 50 numbers will save you from unwanted calls, protecting your personal time from strangers. The unwanted call is blocked by pressing one button.

Power saving mode cuts power to the signal transmitter between the handset and the base if the device is not used for more than 1 minute. Together with the eco-mode, it saves energy and extends the battery life of the phone – up to 17.5 hours of talk time and up to 330 hours of standby time.

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