DOOGEE Re-Launches Youth Y-Series Frameless Smartphones with New Models

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In the near future, DOOGEE intends to relaunch its Y-series youth smartphones with at least five new smartphones. Shall we open the curtain?

What is DOOGEE’s “youth phone”? First of all, it is fashionable, like all modern young people, it has its own elegance and mystery, at the same time it is functional, which attracts the attention of even the most demanding ones. This is exactly what the novelties of the Y series were intended to be. In the new gradient colors (Aurora Blue, Phantom Purple and Obsidian Black), the manufacturer seeks to convey all the heritage of progress – beautiful and functional at the same time.

DOOGEE Global Product Manager for the World, Mr. Parry Huang, is confident that functional and fashionable gadgets will impress today’s youth. Here is a short quote from his interview – “Young people are one of the most creative in modern society, they are energetic and cheerful; they have a romantic and dreamy mind to explore new areas of knowledge; they stand out for their characteristic multifaceted lifestyle combined with a vibrant nightlife at the same time. Therefore, we wanted to create various devices that satisfy all these wishes, since the smartphone today is an indispensable and close friend. We believe that our new product will appeal to young people. Our desire is for them to be convinced of the correctness of their choice every day. “

Along with the trendy design, the manufacturer promises a quality combination of advanced features: the latest version of Android 9.0, large bezel-less displays with a fashionable teardrop notch and the famous “eyebrow”, 4G support, NFC, capacious batteries and much more.

DOOGEE Re-Launches Youth Y-Series Frameless Smartphones with New Models

DOOGEE Y7 is scheduled to ship globally in early 2019.

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