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Astronomers have observed a unique collision of two black holes

More than a year ago, it was possible to detect gravitational waves formed after the collision of two black holes. Over time, however, it turned out that the collision of GW 190412 was truly unique. The collision was carried out by black holes, which significantly differed in their masses. It was a very uneven binary […]

GoPro fires employees

A well-known company that makes high-quality cameras said it was forced to lay off about 20 percent of its workforce due to the coronavirus pandemic. GoPro recently boasted strong revenue growth fueled by the launch of the successful Hero 8 Black in the last quarter of 2019. Unfortunately, the arrival of the coronavirus epidemic, and […]

This robot vacuum cleaner works like a mop with water tanks!

Spring cleaning has now become a daily routine. Since there is no vaccine for coronavirus yet, all we can really do is stay at home and make sure we keep it clean so that the virus doesn’t get a chance on our territory. Along with the sharp rise in sales of disinfectants and masks, all […]

WhatsApp will increase restrictions on group audio and video calls

WhatsApp, due to the current situation in the world, plans to change the restrictions on group video and audio calls. Information about this is found in the application code. The restrictions will be increased, and the current parameters currently allow up to four users to participate in one conversation. Information about this was found in […]

New Pokémon GO Changes Add More Options to Play From the Comfort of Your Home

Faced with the current situation, the creators at Niantic are making changes to Pokémon GO, allowing you to enjoy the game even at home. Until recently, the main goal of the game was to encourage going outside, the use of movement and social interaction, but now Niantic is trying to achieve this while remaining safe. […]

COVID-19 hits Fallout 76. Players build hospitals and research centers to fight coronavirus

COVID-19 also appeared in the Fallout 76 game, in which a special hospital was created to treat patients with this dangerous virus, and groups of players distribute medicines to oncoming users. As we can see, the ingenuity of users can be surprising. Coronavirus is a topic that has not left the headlines, and as it […]

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