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HONOR Introduces Active Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones

IT ExpertWorld of technologyNews Ekaterina Alexandrova | 05/06/2020 HONOR Magic Earbuds are made in the form of trapezoidal earbuds, equipped with a system of three microphones and can work up to 3.5 hours in audio listening mode. The active noise canceling system uses two microphones – an internal and an external one: first, the external […]

Lenovo introduced server platforms based on EPYC processors

IT ExpertWorld of technologyNews Anna Savelyeva | 05/07/2020 Lenovo ThinkSystem SR645 and SR665 utilize up to 128 processor cores per server and extend the capabilities of high-performance virtualized environments with up to 45% more memory bandwidth. Lenovo Data Center Group (DCG) announced the ThinkSystem SR645 and SR665 dual-socket servers, which provide increased compute performance and […]

Roskachestvo named fitness bracelets with the most accurate pedometer

IT ExpertWorld of technologyNews Anna Savelieva Fitness bracelets are cheaper than their adjacent devices – smartwatches. They have a limited set of smart phone control functions, and their main purpose is to monitor physical activity. The average price of a bracelet is 6,000 rubles. The general range of prices is from 1,900 to 13,000 rubles. […]

Soundcore HearID: sound to taste

IT ExpertTests & ReviewsDevicesSound Andrey Vinogradov What sound do you like? This is not an idle question, because few of us have perfect pitch. Age also affects perception – the sensitivity of the eardrum changes over the years. In addition, as they say, there are no comrades for the taste and color: give someone more […]

HP unveils two desktop models and an OMEN monitor

IT ExpertWorld of technologyNews Ekaterina Alexandrova The new computer uses components from Cooler Master, WD_Black from Western Digital and advanced options from HyperX, and a gaming monitor with a screen refresh rate of 165Hz and a response time of 1ms received a Nano IPS matrix that supports NVIDIA G-SYNC and 2K resolution. OMEN 25L and […]

How robotization technologies will change the HoReCa field in the next five to ten years

IT ExpertWorld of technologyScience and technology Valery Kravtsun Robotization is no longer a word from the future. Today’s robot is no longer a shining hero from science fiction films, but a helpful helper who will bring your luggage to your hotel room, deliver a dinner ordered at a restaurant, and solve many other important issues. […]

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