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Instagram with better data access control through other apps

Instagram decided to tackle the problem of access to data that various applications receive. In the popular application, a new section has been added in the settings. There you can find an access point to data from Instagram. If you use Instagram, you probably want to know what specific programs have access to your account. […]

Robot spinning like a ballerina

An unusual two-sided robot video appeared on the network, which can perfectly balance and rotate thanks to propellers. This is a relatively light walking robot that balances more like a drone than a typical two-legged bot, because it literally has a set of drone propellers instead of arms. Indeed, why should robots move with their […]

Simple Google Image Search

The Google search function using images has been around for a long time, but it can still be inconvenient to use it. Now Google is thinking about how to simplify the search for images and information about them in order to do this quickly and efficiently. By default, a picture search requires a few clicks: […]

Blooming algae visible from the satellite

Last year’s eruption of the Kilauea volcano led to the flowering of plankton, so large that it could be seen from space. The waters of the tropical convergence zone are poor in nutrients, and therefore there is not enough life in them. Volcanic lava is rich in various minerals. In this regard, the team of […]

Scientists have managed to create a temperature-controlled robot

Scientists from the California Institute of Technology have developed an interesting robot that can change shape under the influence of temperature. Such a solution contains great potential. Two different types of hinges were created, which fold depending on the heat supplied. One of the robots called Rollbot is able to take the shape of a […]

Apple Music adds support for 100,000 radio stations

Apple Music introduces another update for Chromecast players. After four years from the launch of the service on Android, you can now play music on Chromecast. You don’t need to do anything special – the corresponding icon will appear in the application if you find a suitable compatible device on the same network as the […]

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