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Japanese researchers trained the robot to repair and improve itself

When robots and other robotic devices become the most mundane and everyday thing, their ability to self-repair and restore will be one of the most popular functions. I would like to hope that in the future these robots will be reliable enough and they will not need to engage in self-repair often enough. But in […]

The new four-legged robot is able to climb the vertical ladder and take vertical obstacles

When we see any four-robot, we always involuntarily compare it with a living prototype, for example, with a cat, dog, cheetah or other animal. And according to the results of this comparison, as a rule, animals who demonstrate greater flexibility, dexterity and smoothness of movement win. And only recently, robots have begun to approach the […]

Monster Cars: CAV-X super cavitation underwater bullets breaking all ballistic records

Conventional bullets for conventional weapons slow down very quickly when hit in water. They lose their destructive power after a couple of meters and therefore a dive into a pool or other body of water is a good enough idea to save life under fire. However, the Norwegian company DSG has developed special underwater bullets […]

Physicists have confirmed the receipt of additional evidence of the existence of the fifth kind of fundamental forces

Everything in our Universe is held together or moves due to four types of fundamental forces – the forces of gravity, electromagnetism, strong and weak nuclear interactions. But physicists have long had suspicions about the existence of the fifth kind of fundamental force, supported by evidence and justified by calculations. And recently, scientists from the […]

Sunburst Arc – a galaxy with 12 images located simultaneously at different points in the night sky

The thin ring of light that you can see in the pictures here is not an artifact left after image processing, or even glare on the lenses of the Hubble space telescope, which made this picture. This is the light distorted by the forces of gravity from a galaxy located 11 billion light-years from Earth. […]

The world's largest battery will "grow" by 50 percent next year

The world's largest lithium-ion battery, Hornsdale Power Reserve, built by Tesla in South Australia, will be expanded another 50 percent next year. We remind our readers that this power plant was built by Tesla in 2017 in order to solve the problems of existing power grids at the disposal of Neoen. Elon Musk, the founder […]

A new type of battery will allow you to charge an electric car in 10 minutes

The latest versions of Tesla charging stations allow owners of electric cars to quickly return to the road, but we are still very far from the moment when a full recharge of the car’s batteries will at least come close to the time required to fill the tank with liquid fuel. However, breakouts quite often […]

Lasers – a new tool for remote hacking of smart devices with voice control

Enough conventional laser pointers have become a new tool for hacking phones, tablets and other household smart devices using voice control technology. From a distance measured in tens or even hundreds of meters, lasers are able to command devices to open doors, make purchases on the Internet, and take other actions that will benefit attackers […]

An “ecological” battery has been created that absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere when charging

A group of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed a new method that allows you to extract carbon dioxide from any stream, whether it is air pumped by fans or the chimney outlet of a thermal power plant. The device created on the basis of this method is a specialized battery that […]

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