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Vision-S – Sony's first electric car

Oddly enough, but not Apple, but Sony is the first company in the IT industry to show the world its car. Vision-S is so far only a prototype that is not known when it goes on sale. However, it is worth paying attention to it now. Vision-S, unlike other concept cars, looks like a classic […]

Kaspersky warns: Black Friday is close and hackers will lurk buyers online

Black Friday is the day of the year on which many people shop online more often than usual. Criminals understand this and Kaspersky Corporation employees warn about it. Hackers should focus mainly on buyers of goods from the fashion, shoes, gifts, toys and jewelry categories. Be careful. Black Friday is a great holiday of shopping, […]

China began work on 6G: new networks will provide a very high data transfer rate

This month, China launched its own 5G networks in China, but it is worth remembering that developers are not going to rest on their laurels. The world is looking to the future and work has begun in China on 6G standards, which should provide a very high data transfer rate. Of course, these works are […]

Panasonic Lumix DC-TZ95 – super compact camera with 30x zoom: is it worth it to buy?

The Panasonic Lumix DC-TZ95 is smaller than a smartphone, but offers 30x zoom and plenty of customization options, making it a great travel camera with little luggage. About six months later, a Panasonic supercompact camera with powerful zoom was introduced. During this time, it was possible to form an opinion about this model. We offer […]

Netgear showed a router with Wi-Fi 6. Price bites

At the IFA, Netgear showed off its full range of products, including the rather interesting Orbi router. This equipment, which although has good capabilities and also supports Wi-Fi 6, is offered at a considerable price. Orbi routers first appeared three years ago, and now have received a Wi-Fi 6 update. This means much better signal […]

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