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Inkscape 1.0 is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux. The work lasted almost 17 years

Inkscape is a popular vector graphics editing program that a few years later appeared in release number 1.0. This took a very long time, and the new version is now available for computers running Windows, macOS and Linux. Why did it take so long? Inkscape 1.0 is the latest version of the popular and free […]

Windows 10 has another bad update

Once again, the latest Microsoft update for Windows 10 causes problems on users' computers. The fix was marked as KB4549951. A user group after installing a new update for Windows 10 should experience the same problems as usual: in particular, it is a blue screen of death or problems with turning on the computer. The […]

Apple Music in web version available on any platform

The version of Apple Music running in the browser is out of beta. The service is already available on all popular platforms, which means that it can work on Windows, macOS and Linux. The web version of Apple Music is also compatible with all popular browsers. Apple Music in the web version until recently was […]

Facebook launches messenger app for macOS and Windows

Facebook launches the official messenger app. People with computers running Windows or macOS will be able to use it. The Facebook Messenger app is a standalone messenger that can work independently of a web browser. Facebook said last month that there has been a one hundred percent increase in the number of people using the […]

News Bar – Microsoft has created a very interesting news application for Windows 10

News Bar is a new application that Microsoft has currently translated into beta tests and therefore is not yet available in all markets. However, we have his screenshots, and we can see what it will offer. News Bar – presents the news in a very interesting way. The news panel can be docked to the […]

Microsoft temporarily suspended updating Windows

The giant from Redmond refrains from non-security updates to Windows. All in order to provide the best stability for the period of intensive work of users at home. Recently it became known that Google made a similar decision. The company decided to minimize the update of its Chrome browser so as to interfere with people […]

Microsoft redesigns icons in Windows 10

Microsoft decides to upgrade the icons in Windows 10. The decision was made immediately after the development of new elements for Office. In 2019, Microsoft updated the icons belonging to applications from Office. This time it was decided to pay attention to other elements about Windows 10. In the coming months we will face changes […]

Windows 7 gets first update after support is complete

Windows 7, theoretically, should not receive updates because Microsoft decided to “forget” this system in mid-January. However, it turns out that Windows 7 users can download the new update. The fix is ​​marked with the line KB4539601 and solves only one problem in the system related to wallpaper. Microsoft ends support for Windows 7 on […]

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