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Xiaomi makes smart watches with 70 sports modes!

Xiaomi intends to create a smart watch with a record number of sports modes. Amazfit Ares will debut in just a few days. We know what the new Xiaomi watch looks like. The Chinese manufacturer again decided to shock the world with its new product, this time focused on athletes. A photo and the release […]

NASA spacecraft will land on asteroid Bennu

NASA is preparing to land on the asteroid Bennu, belonging to the Apollo group, and, therefore, the objects located closest to our planet. After completing the mission, the purpose of the probe will be a safe return to Earth. The mission of the OSIRIS-REx probe cannot be classified as simple. Landing should take place on […]

The cult brand of smartphones is preparing a solid premiere!

Motorola is ready to return to the flagship segment of the smartphone market. The new mobile device manufacturer will be officially unveiled on April 22 this year. In this case, it is probably a smartphone called Edge +. If the leak is confirmed, then Motorola Edge + will receive a new design and good features. […]

Sony Xperia 5 II may be the most interesting flagship of 2020

For many fans of medium-sized smartphones, the Sony Xperia 5 II may be the most interesting flagship of 2020. Fans of powerful smartphones with small displays have recently faced a certain problem when they want to buy a new model. It's hard to find maxi smartphones in a mini case. For example, the Sony Xperia […]

YouTube challenges TikTok

Owned by Google, YouTube was jealous of the popularity of the TikTok application and now … announces the creation of its own analogue called "Shorts". TikTok was created several years ago in China at the initiative of the Chinese giant ByteDance. The very popular application allows you to publish 15-second video material, usually in combination […]

LG introduces a new mysterious strategy for its smartphones

The latest report shows that LG may abandon the popular “G” series of smartphones. The report claims that LG is going to get rid of the “G” brand, although it is unclear what impact this decision will have on further mobile equipment of the Korean manufacturer. The brand will also start using Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 […]

Motorola Moto G8 Power Lite with powerful battery

Motorola is preparing a new mid-range smartphone that can boast a powerful battery. It's about the Moto G8 Power Lite. Motorola Moto G8 Power was introduced in February 2019 – the G8 Power Lite model circulates through the network in the form of rumors, however, it seems that the smartphone itself will indeed be created. […]

Apple closes stores around the world. WWDC 2020 moved to the Internet

Yesterday it became known about the transfer of the WWDC 2020 conference to the Internet. Online broadcast will be used for all kinds of presentations, as well as for thematic sessions. The company also decided to close salons around the world. An exception is China, where the number of infected is declining. The Apple WWDC […]

Bill Gates Foundation Prepares Tests for Home Diagnosis of Coronavirus

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is working on home tests that detect SARS-CoV-2, or the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. In the near future, the first sets will be released in Seattle. In a diagnostic test, a nasal swab is used and on this basis the presence of the virus in the body is examined. […]

$ 2.9 million electric hypercar

The famous brand Pininfarina introduced a unique version of its flagship Hypercar Battista. This is not the first time that the Italian automaker has been surprised by exclusive ideas. Recently, there was a lot of buzz about the Battista electric supercar, which was declared the most powerful production car ever made in southern Italy. Now […]

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