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Google Pixel 4 smartphones will introduce a new way to use Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of the main elements of the Android operating system, which is increasingly used by users of smartphones with this OS. Along with the debut of new smartphones from the Google Pixel family, Google Assistant will also change dramatically. Along with the release of new smartphones from the Google Pixel family, Google […]

The Chinese are building the largest airport on the planet

In China, they will build the largest airport on Earth – Pekin Daxing. The terminal area of ​​700,000 m2 is located on 47 km square. The shape of the airport building should resemble a fiery bird – a phoenix. Many people believe, however, that it looks like a starfish. The view is still impressive. The […]

Holographic Screen – Sony's New Patent

The 3D TV market is almost dead, so Sony is betting on holography. Already in mid-2017, the company filed an application with the patent office. A patent was recently granted to the manufacturer. Sony's patent refers to a standard 2D screen, which, at the request of the user, switched to holographic mode. Thus, the effect […]

Apple patents a new on-screen keyboard that you can "feel"

On-screen keyboards during text input do not give the same impression as classic ones. This is due to the fact that they lack physical buttons. Apple wants to change this, and has made an interesting patent application for an on-screen keyboard, which you can “feel” during typing. A new Apple patent has been spotted on […]

Apple will provide the Deep Fusion feature. iPhone will make photos even better

Deep Fusion – these are new opportunities from the field of artificial intelligence, which should make the photos of new iPhones look even better. Deep Fusion algorithms allow you to combine four frames into one photo along with long exposure. The combination of four different images allows you to get one, solidly taken photo. Deep […]

NASA will test new spacesuits for astronauts aboard the ISS

NASA is preparing for the Artemis mission, in which people will go to the moon. We know that the astronauts taking part in it will receive new spacesuits called xEMU. A pilot project will be carried out on board the International Space Station. NASA wants to go to the moon until 2024. Today, there is […]

Xiaomi will introduce its first 8K TV

During the upcoming conference, scheduled for November 24, Xiaomi will introduce the world’s first TV model, which allows you to view images in 8K resolution. Tomorrow – November 24th – Xiaomi will hold a presentation of new products – and although Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G and Mi MIX Alpha smartphones and the MIUI 11 […]

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Premium introduced – this is a real monster

The Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Premium is a smartphone whose users will probably never complain about a lack of performance. The manufacturer installed a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus processor and very large memory resources here. Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Premium does not differ in a large number of elements from Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro. Here […]

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