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Researchers have found a way to increase Wi-Fi range only with software

As you know, all wireless routers have a certain maximum range. If we stay beyond this value, we undock from the Wi-Fi network. It turns out you can increase the range of Wi-Fi using software. Researchers at Brigham Young University have successfully increased their Wi-Fi range to 60 meters. Interestingly, this does not require any […]

TP-Link Deco P9 – Mesh Wi-Fi system and data transmission over the electric network

Residents of multi-room cottages often complain about problems with a Wi-Fi signal that does not reach all rooms or is too weak for efficient data transfer. A simple solution is to use Wi-Fi Mesh systems, however, in buildings with thick, panel walls, performance is even limited in modern networks based on Mesh technology. TP-Link's hybrid […]

A woman allergic to Wi-Fi is something new!

Rosie Gladwell is a 70-year-old British woman who has discovered hypersensitivity to the electromagnetic field caused by Wi-Fi networks. Hypersensitivity to the electromagnetic field is a disease that affects a very small number of people. And although scientists have not yet been able to confirm such a disease, there are people who feel bad around […]

Netgear showed a router with Wi-Fi 6. Price bites

At the IFA, Netgear showed off its full range of products, including the rather interesting Orbi router. This equipment, which although has good capabilities and also supports Wi-Fi 6, is offered at a considerable price. Orbi routers first appeared three years ago, and now have received a Wi-Fi 6 update. This means much better signal […]

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