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An airship can become a warehouse or give out Wi-Fi in cities

Nowadays there are good reasons for creating airships. They do not need an airport or runway, they float perfectly in the sky. Amazon even plans to deploy one of them in the sky to help lift its warehouses into the sky, eliminating the need to worry about real estate. The Maform airship, named S. H. […]

Scientists have developed a project that allows you to charge devices via Wi-Fi

The idea of ​​scientists involves the use of terahertz radiation energy, which is also radiated through routers that support Wi-Fi networks. Theoretically, it will be used to charge implants and mobile devices. All devices emitting a radio signal used to create wireless networks also produce terahertz radiation. This is the range of electromagnetic waves that […]

Work on seventh-generation Wi-Fi is already underway. New technology will appear in a few years.

Although the official implementation of the sixth generation Wi-Fi took place just a couple of months ago, the Wi-Fi Alliance is actively working on the development of the seventh version of this method of communication. The market debut of the new solution should take place already in 2024. Only a few months passed before users […]

Nokia's new Android 10 smartphones get Wi-Fi Alliance certification

HMD Global seems to be preparing to launch several new devices on the market. Three upcoming Nokia smartphones have been spotted on the Wi-Fi Alliance certification website. Certified smartphones have the model numbers TA-1223, TA-1227 and TA-1229. The list shows that all three smartphones are running the latest Android 10 operating system. In addition, it […]

Researchers have found a way to increase Wi-Fi range only with software

As you know, all wireless routers have a certain maximum range. If we stay beyond this value, we undock from the Wi-Fi network. It turns out you can increase the range of Wi-Fi using software. Researchers at Brigham Young University have successfully increased their Wi-Fi range to 60 meters. Interestingly, this does not require any […]

TP-Link Deco P9 – Mesh Wi-Fi system and data transmission over the electric network

Residents of multi-room cottages often complain about problems with a Wi-Fi signal that does not reach all rooms or is too weak for efficient data transfer. A simple solution is to use Wi-Fi Mesh systems, however, in buildings with thick, panel walls, performance is even limited in modern networks based on Mesh technology. TP-Link's hybrid […]

A woman allergic to Wi-Fi is something new!

Rosie Gladwell is a 70-year-old British woman who has discovered hypersensitivity to the electromagnetic field caused by Wi-Fi networks. Hypersensitivity to the electromagnetic field is a disease that affects a very small number of people. And although scientists have not yet been able to confirm such a disease, there are people who feel bad around […]

Netgear showed a router with Wi-Fi 6. Price bites

At the IFA, Netgear showed off its full range of products, including the rather interesting Orbi router. This equipment, which although has good capabilities and also supports Wi-Fi 6, is offered at a considerable price. Orbi routers first appeared three years ago, and now have received a Wi-Fi 6 update. This means much better signal […]

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