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Lenovo Yoga X – Android-tablet, which should act as an additional screen

Lenovo Yoga X is the new Android tablet, the information about which became available thanks to the leak. Designed as an extra screen for other hardware, such as laptops, smartphones, and even the Nintendo Switch console. Evana Blass, which many people know by the nickname Evleaks, posted the image of this gadget on the Internet. […]

Samsung Galaxy will be released soon without Qualcomm Snapdragon

Information has appeared on the Internet that the next generation of Samsung flagships in the Galaxy S series can use only one type of processor. Samsung currently uses two chip models with which it ships flagship smartphones. Models designed for the European market use the Exynos chip, while models designed for the US market come […]

New Google Nest on the first photo and video

Google will soon introduce the new Nest speaker in the lineup, which will succeed the first-generation Home model. We have the opportunity to see a photo and a short video dedicated to the new product. Its specification or features remain a mystery. Only the appearance of the new speaker is known. Google has been working […]

The new version of iOS with an annoying bug. Popular service causes battery drain

Users of Apple smartphones running iOS version 13.5.1 are faced with an unpleasant problem that interferes with the proper functioning of the device. We are talking about excessive battery consumption when using Apple Music. Users of iPhones equipped with iOS version 13.5.1 report a rather unusual problem caused by the latest update to this system. […]

Xiaomi launches a new laptop. What is known about him?

Redmi is preparing its new laptop that will run on Intel processors. What can you expect from its specs? Redmi is preparing an updated RedmiBook laptop, which was available earlier – among other things, with processors from AMD. This time, however, Xiaomi is about to incorporate a US-based Intel Core i7 chip into its hardware. […]

Samsung is preparing a budget smartphone with a battery of 6800 mAh

Samsung is one of those manufacturers that release an army of new devices every year. This time, the Korean manufacturer is preparing an inexpensive model that will have a very powerful battery. Samsung every year presents an army of different phones designed for different price shelves. This is not surprising, its main competitors Xiaomi or […]

Xiaomi certifies a powerful charger (video)

The information that Xiaomi is preparing a 120 W charger is not new. The corresponding charger was supposed to appear just this year. Everything indicates that this is really going to happen. Xiaomi has certified just such a charger. Data comes from the 3C website. Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not specify which particular model will […]

OnePlus Nord in the teaser. See how it will look

OnePlus has long been announcing its new mid-range phone, which is the OnePlus Nord. It is expected that this model will appear on the market in July this year, and now we finally can take a look at how this smartphone looks. Teaser video does not provide much information. In fact, we just received confirmation […]

Will the robo-dolphins save the animals by freeing them from captivity? (video)

Edge Innovations has created a dolphin robot that can help real animals. Edge Innovations is involved in animation and special effects – it has repeatedly helped in films requiring the presence of wild animals in the foreground. After the animal trade ceased after the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chinese aquarium asked the company to create a […]

Estimated how many people are needed to create a functioning colony on Mars

Mars is a planet that humanity is likely to colonize someday. It is only a matter of time. However, how many people need all this to make sense? Professor Jean-Marc Salotti decided to look for the answer to this question. He managed to calculate the minimum colonizers needed for this project. Salotti, a professor at […]

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