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Want to help train your rover?

If you once dreamed of analyzing stones on Mars, then with the help of an interesting NASA project you can now find a replacement for such emotions. Available in a browser, the AI4Mars app allows you to travel the Red Planet aboard the Curiosity rover to explore the surroundings. The simulation was prepared by NASA's […]

The world's first transparent smart mask N99 + with UV-C sterilization

In the current situation, when we all need to consider the presence of the COVID-19 virus and its impact on society, we wear face masks. Numerous fabric or paper face masks hide our appearance and our personality. We lose personal connections with people when we do not understand their intentions and cannot see the facial […]

Pandemic Simulator: a virtual tribute to doctors fighting coronavirus (14 photos + 1 video)

See what the hospital emergency room looks like when a pandemic invades the world. Become a doctor: help patients, diagnose their ailments and save their lives. At the same time, try not to get infected. As part of the gameplay, the player will play the role of a hospital emergency room doctor who will help […]

Crew Dragon – SpaceX and NASA mission looked like from space

SpaceX conducted its first manned mission using a Falcon 9 rocket and a Crew Dragon capsule. Two American NASA astronauts flew on it. Everyone could see the launch from Earth, and have you ever thought about how it looked from space? One of the Russian cosmonauts, located on the ISS, took two photos and shared […]

Total War: Warhammer 2 breaks records of popularity

Total War: Warhammer 3 is not yet known when it will appear, but Creative Assembly studio responsible for the work probably doesn't care too much about it. However, he continues to release additional extensions for Warhammer 2, which is currently breaking Steam popularity records – and that is without special promotions. According to official statistics […]

This V-shaped drone received two silent propellers instead of four noisy

Developed by Zero Zero Robotics, the V-Coptr Falcon opens up a new direction in drone design, because unlike most drones with 4-8 V-Coptr Falcon propellers, only two of them are enough. They fold into the case when packaged and unfold, acquiring a V-shape when ready for use. Propellers have the ability to change direction, tilting […]

Diving masks can help doctors fight coronavirus

The coronavirus epidemic has led to a situation where personal protective equipment in hospitals was almost exhausted. This is why many hospitals are looking for surrogate solutions, such as diving masks. The very idea of ​​using diving masks for this purpose was born some time ago in the head of Renato Favero, an Italian doctor […]

iOS 13.5 will simplify the use of a smartphone in a protective mask

Apple has just released the latest beta version of iOS 13 at 13.4.5. and it immediately changed its name to iOS 13.5. The system will, among other things, have an API that helps you track contacts with infected covid-19 and … simplify the use of the phone when the user wears a mask. As it […]

Google wants to separate Chrome updates from Chrome OS

A big problem for Chromebook owners was the direct connection of system updates to the browser. Fortunately, everything indicates that Google wants to end this decision. As can be seen from the article posted on the 9to5google portal, the American giant is working on a new project, code-named LaCrOS. Its goal is to separate Chrome […]

A universal cleaner for clothes and … your entire room has been developed

Now more than ever, we are looking for household appliances that are multifunctional and have additional cleaning functions, right? The concept of combining cleaning functionality with household appliances is now a gold mine. Therefore, it is not surprising that the FAD 01/02 clothing and air multi-care system is one of the winners of the Red […]

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