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Microsoft Teams with the ability to set the background from your own photo

Microsoft Teams is an application that is constantly being improved. The giant from Redmond introduced another novelty, and this time it is connected with the background for video communication. Users can finally install it using their own photo. By the way, the solutions that are available in the free version of Teams have been announced. […]

List of Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco smartphones that can get MIUI 12

Yesterday, a list of Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco smartphones that can get MIUI appeared. Of course, this is not official information, so you need to treat it with some degree of distrust, but still. However, not everyone understands that getting a new firmware version is not always equivalent to getting a new version of Android. […]

Smart "fitness trainer" who is always with you … on your finger (photo)

A great way to develop useful products is to reduce the functionality that is not necessary for working with the gadget. In the case of a smart ring, this is almost everything that a smart wearable device is associated with. The Circular Smart Ring is a deceptively tiny wearable smart gadget that tracks your fitness, […]

Oppo showed its cheap model – Xiaomi “killer”

The world of cheap smartphones is not only Xiaomi. Oppo A31, which debuted yesterday, has a lot of advantages and a very reasonable price. Admittedly, the Chinese manufacturer did not offer any revolutionary design ideas, but everything looks neat and elegant. Thus, we are dealing with a combination of a large LCD screen with a […]

Bacteria can create flower-like patterns.

Scientists have discovered that bacteria growing in a petri dish form patterns that look like flowers. How is this possible? Bacteria do not grow by chance. The growth of Escherichia coli is slow but steady. In turn, Acinetobacter baylyi bacteria grow evenly in all directions until they cover the entire Petri dish within 24 hours. […]

Gas stations are becoming a new target for hackers: Visa warns customers about possible thefts

Visa issued an official warning to customers stating that scammers had chosen a new target for large-scale hacker attacks, this time it was gas stations. Fraudsters try to steal payment card data, and they do it using a rather complicated algorithm. To do this, they use all the networks of gas stations to which malicious […]

Google is testing a new kind of comment section in the mobile version of YouTube

YouTube started testing, changes to the comments section of the Android app. After the changes, comments appear directly below the video and, thus, they will be less noticeable. YouTube comments can only be accessed by scrolling down the screen. They are currently quite hidden, but it seems that this may change soon. It is assumed […]

Scientists have created a unique metal that floats on water

Scientists from a private research university in the United States, located in Rochester, have created a special metal that can float on water. In fact, researchers from the University of Rochester have just created a metal with lasers that floats on water. This is a revolutionary discovery that will allow in the future to create […]

Facebook will verify our identity with a selfie

The largest social network in the world – Facebook – will soon introduce a new way to verify your identity. The social network will use for this purpose a photo of our face, that is, popular selfies. New features in Facebook’s verification mechanisms have been discovered recently. According to the information provided, the service has […]

Firefox will lose one of the options for installing add-ons

Firefox currently provides users with a fairly convenient installation of extensions from a special store with materials, but this is not the only way to add them to the browser. There is also a method based on placing the package in a special place. Unfortunately, Mozilla explains that such an option will disappear next year, […]

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