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Realme Watch – the debut of low-cost smart watches with interesting features

Realme Watch is a low-cost smart watch of the Chinese brand, which debuted in India. The watch has a 1.4-inch screen and a battery that provides up to 20 days of work per charge. The device has a sensor that measures the saturation of oxygen in the blood and a heart rate monitor. Enclosure complies […]

YouTube introduces a feature that makes sure you don't watch the video late

YouTube said it’s introducing a new feature in the form of special reminders. They are designed to limit the stay of users in the evening. This is part of a larger initiative called digital well-being, which Google has consistently pursued since 2018. Of course, it happened more than once that you watched movies late on […]

Amazfit X – smart watch with a curved screen

Amazfit's innovative smartwatch hits Indiegogo. What do we know about them and how do they stand out? Amazifit X, presented in early announcements as a smart bracelet, has undergone minor changes. Since then, the company has already called this model a smart watch, and although the functions of the device combine the capabilities of one […]

The removable headset of this smart watch changes the very concept of wearable technology

Many of us have a phone, a clock, and headphones — all this sends us notifications (albeit in different ways). They also allow you to access the voice assistant and almost all of your data, such as a calendar, phone book, or other services. The time has come when many users and, of course, developers […]

Watch the announcement of Redmi Note 9S live

Xiaomi introduced the Redmi Note 9 Pro and Redmi Note 9 Pro Max last week, and now it's time to introduce the third phone – Redmi Note 9S. It seems that this is a rebranding Redmi Note 9 Pro, as evidenced by its leak into the Geekbench scorecard. Today, the company is broadcasting its launch […]

Huawei Freebuds 3 kicks off in India this month

This model of headphones, which was introduced at the beginning of last fall, is rumored to be just about to debut in India. There is no exact date yet, but probably soon we will see an official statement. Freebuds 3 is the world's first open-fit headset with active noise canceling. They are powered by the […]

Huawei smartphone saved the life of the British. The battery helped

Stories circulating on the Internet about how the Apple Watch saves the lives of users. It turns out that Huawei smartphones can also help, as a resident of Britain was convinced. The Sun reported an accident with a 42-year-old woman. Beth McDermott of Lancaster fell down the stairs and lost consciousness for several days. Recovering, […]

Oppo Watch: received ColorOS, ECG sensor and two sizes

While most of the hype around Oppo last month centered around its hotly anticipated Find X2 flagship smartphones, the company also unveiled its first smartwatch. The new Oppo Watch has the appearance and characteristics that should attract the attention of those who are looking for a premium class of this kind of wearable gadgets. Starting […]

Apple makes more money on watches than Rolex

If the Apple Watch continues to grow at the same pace as in the past two years, in 2023 it will sell more watches than the entire Swiss industry combined. On Instagram of American stars, luxury Swiss watch brands look great. World pop star Justin Bieber recently praised Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak watch, which he […]

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