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Another iPhone without headphones and a charger. Will fans of this brand like this?

Analysts at the British bank Barclays predict that the iPhone 12 can be presented without headphones and a charger in the box. Users will buy them separately, directly from the manufacturer. If Barclays is right, then the new iPhone 12 will only ship to users with a USB Type-C cable for Lightning. Purchasing a charger […]

Video conferencing in Tesla cars?

Tesla electric vehicle owners want to turn their cars into mobile offices. The very idea of ​​the possibility of video conferencing in cars of the American brand was born even before the coronavirus epidemic. Then a certain user praised himself in the forum for the conversation inside the car through the Zoom application. Recently, the […]

This custom keyboard animates the Photoshop toolbar!

In addition to being horizontal rather than vertical, this custom keyboard is an exact copy of the Photoshop toolbar. Just place it in front of you, either above the external keyboard or under the laptop keyboard, and you will essentially get a powerful set of Photoshop shortcuts, complete with Photoshop iconography. Here you can find […]

Ford designed a jacket for cyclists. She will display emoji

Road safety is not a joke, even if one of the automobile concerns wants to introduce a jacket on the market that will display symbols on its back, this is already wonderful. That's exactly what Ford decided in connection with accidents involving cyclists. Ford decided to fix the fact that road accidents involving cyclists continue […]

Apple predicted huge sales of iPhone 12 with 5G module

According to DigiTimes, Apple wants to order up to 100 million iPhone 12s for next year. So far this year, the company expects to sell about 80 million devices. This quantitative leap is dictated, obviously, by the fact that next year much more people will want to have a phone already in the 5G standard. […]

China showed a flying saucer-shaped aircraft

China wants to modernize its army in order to compete with the United States in the struggle for global domination. At a recent exhibition, a completely new experimental technology was introduced – a flying saucer-shaped helicopter. An exhibition of Chinese helicopters was held in Tianjin. It was then that a prototype of a futuristic attack […]

DxOMark will tell you which smartphone has the best sound quality! Who was the winner?

Want to know which smartphone offers the best sound quality? The DxOMark website has published a new rating of models in which they checked the capabilities of recording and reproducing sound. What is the best smartphone for music? DxOMark is a site that “knows how” to rate cameras on smartphones, and then “translate” these ratings […]

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