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Vision-S – Sony's first electric car

Oddly enough, but not Apple, but Sony is the first company in the IT industry to show the world its car. Vision-S is so far only a prototype that is not known when it goes on sale. However, it is worth paying attention to it now. Vision-S, unlike other concept cars, looks like a classic […]

Hyundai will create a flying taxi for Uber

Hyundai has partnered with Uberem to create a flying taxi. The car is part of a vision of cities of the future. A car from Hyundai uses the capabilities of vertical take-off and landing, as well as electric motors to drive the entire structure. A specially designed taxi should allow carrying passengers and additional cargo. […]

Qualcomm and Microsoft want to build an "office of the future"

At the Snapdragon Summit 2019 in Hawaii, the organizer of the event – Qualcomm and Microsoft – presented their vision for the office of the future. It can be based on 5G networks and mixed reality techniques. One of the most important office components from the future should be the versatile use of 5G communications. […]

Elon Musk: building a city on Mars will take years

Elon Musk talks about his vision of the colonization of Mars. This week, Twitter posted new information on building a sustainable city on the Red Planet. The founder of SpaceX said it would take about 20 years. At this time, you need to make many flights to this planet. Elon Musk had once painted his […]

Lexus will present its vision of electrification

The Japanese brand presented its vision of a new generation of electrified vehicles. Its prototype is the Lexus LF-30 Concept. The LF-30 concept combines a truly artistic and futuristic form, both in the exterior and interior. According to the manufacturer – the appearance of the car was to visually express "energy". At first glance, the […]

Huawei introduced a TV with its own Smart TV system

During a conference in Munich, Huawei introduced a television called Vision, a device that will use the original Harmony OS operating system. A few weeks ago, Huawei's Honor subsidiary unveiled its first Smart TV system. Now the second of the companies is following the same path – during the conference in Munich, they presented the […]

Japanese NHK works on broadcast in 8K

The Japanese public broadcaster NHK, known for its experimental Hi-Vision broadcasts, is working on how to start broadcasting 8K for Japanese households. At the moment, there is a 12-hour broadcast in 8K format on the NHK BS8K satellite channel. NHK research units have successfully tested the possibility of 8K terrestrial broadcasts back in 2012. NHK, […]

Silent Arrow – a giant cargo drone

When we think about drones, we often have in our heads the vision of a small device with a propeller and a webcam. A slightly different view of this type of machine has … the army. At the international defense industry salon DSEI 2019 in London, the Silent Arrow GD-2000 project was presented. This sizable […]

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