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The first photos of Huawei P40 Pro

The first photos of the “live” Huawei P40 Pro were shot and published on Weibo. The primary source is Digital Chat, which is pretty well known in Chinese social networks as a leak provider. However, the original entry has since been deleted. However, nothing can really be removed from the Internet, so we can still […]

Alpha Monocerotides meteors illuminate the night sky

On the night of February 21-22, we will witness a surprising phenomenon. We are waiting for meteor shower from a swarm of alpha-Monocerotides. Scientists hope that incredible meteorites will be visible in the sky and there will be a lot of them. The phenomenon of meteor shower alpha Monocerotides can be observed in the sky. […]

NASA shows photos of the SLS rocket

NASA has been working on the SLS rocket for several years. The project has experienced delays, but the American Space Agency is doing what it can to ensure that the Space Launch System is ready on time. NASA published photos showing the first SLS stage with four RS-25 engines connected. NASA wants to use the […]

ZTE will make a frameless screen with a hole that is not visible

A smartphone with a hole in the screen, which, in principle, will be invisible? ZTE has an idea how to create such a device. It is strange that none of the competitors has ever come up with such an idea. ZTE in the near future may introduce a smartphone with a hole in the screen, […]

Blooming algae visible from the satellite

Last year’s eruption of the Kilauea volcano led to the flowering of plankton, so large that it could be seen from space. The waters of the tropical convergence zone are poor in nutrients, and therefore there is not enough life in them. Volcanic lava is rich in various minerals. In this regard, the team of […]

Artificial Intelligence Helps Recognize Galaxy Mergers

Astronomers use artificial intelligence to search for ancient collisions of galaxies. Bright glows appear in the universe, which are a harbinger of a collision of galaxies. Unfortunately, terrestrial telescopes are not able to distinguish ultra-bright individual distant galaxies from two cosmic objects connecting to each other. Artificial intelligence will help. Since we know how galaxies […]

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