Facebook and Instagram reduce video quality in Europe

Facebook and Instagram join other service providers offering video over the Internet and reduce the quality of their own videos in European countries. The company will reduce the bitrate of records, which will lead to the unloading of the Internet on the Old Continent, which is currently needed by millions of people working remotely from […]

Intel shows how its processors are created

Intel shared two interesting videos on its channel, where the company decided to show how its processors are created. The beginning is an idea where a concept is born. Then – various technological processes that are intended for the production of the processor. Before processors go to stores, they have a long way to go. […]

Chinese tunnel for disinfection (video)

In the Chinese city of Chongqing in southwest China, a tunnel was built to disinfect workers before the start of the working day. Everything has been done to combat the epidemic of coronavirus. The tunnel is equipped with infrared sensors that activate the spraying of disinfecting fog at the entrance to it. This solution is […]

TCL Introduces Two New Foldable and Flexible Concept Smartphones (Photos + Video)

In a world where smartphones are becoming more and more predictable, TCL continues to try to reinvent the form factor of our everyday devices. The company has just demonstrated two new concept smartphones using the increasingly popular flexible mobile displays – one folds three times, the other hides under the body. Flexible AMOLED technology now […]

LG V60 ThinQ: the best music smartphone with brilliant specs!

After numerous reports, the LG V60 ThinQ 5G waited for the official launch. LG really had a hand in the design of its latest smartphone with a flagship specification. The LG V60 ThinQ 5G has everything we could require from expensive hardware. Koreans are promoting their new product with several slogans: 5G connectivity, 8K video […]

Vivo iQOO 3 5G latest teaser – this is a gadget unboxing video

Vivo iQOO 3 5G will be presented on February 25 and just before this event, the company presented it in the official “practical” video. It should be said that you can’t make out the phone, because it is blurry when in the frame. However, thanks to recent phone images and renders, we know how it […]

Is the real Iron Man getting closer and closer? Jetman Dubai – new altitude record (4K video)

Work on jetpacks that allow you to fly independently does not stop, and more and more information is coming to the network about subsequent record achievements of this type of equipment. A significant feat the other day was made, for example, by Vince Reffet from Jetman Dubai, who took off at an impressive height on […]

Screen Galaxy Z Flip you even damage with a fingernail! Crash test (video)

Samsung claims the Galaxy Z Flip screen is made of glass. However, JerryRigEverything has proven Samsung's marketing trick! Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – the second folding smartphone in the history of Samsung. The first was, of course, the Galaxy Fold. One of the biggest weaknesses of the first modern clamshell of Koreans was the material […]

Quibi – what will be the new video service?

In 2020, another video service is being prepared for launch. Its name is Quibi, and it was created primarily for smartphone users. During the Super Bowl, Quibi's 30 second ad was shown. After its demonstration, many people began to ask: what is it? The creators of the streaming service decided to answer this question with […]

Yutiuber breaks the new Yutiuber breaks the new Motorola RAZR into pieces. It is almost impossible to repair it yourself (video)

Want to see what the Motorola RAZR is inside, but you have no desire to destroy an expensive device or just do not have this smartphone? Don’t worry – youtuber with the nickname PBKreviews did it for you. By the way, it turned out that if someone wants to fix this phone on their own, […]

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