New Google Nest on the first photo and video

Google will soon introduce the new Nest speaker in the lineup, which will succeed the first-generation Home model. We have the opportunity to see a photo and a short video dedicated to the new product. Its specification or features remain a mystery. Only the appearance of the new speaker is known. Google has been working […]

South Korea using drones resembles washing hands and wearing masks (video + photo)

South Korea coped quite effectively with the problem of coronavirus. However, COVID-19 still exists, and we must follow the recommendations. The Koreans decided to use drones to remind them of the need to wash their hands and wear masks. It turned out really glamorous. There are not many cases of coronavirus infection in South Korea, […]

Xiaomi certifies a powerful charger (video)

The information that Xiaomi is preparing a 120 W charger is not new. The corresponding charger was supposed to appear just this year. Everything indicates that this is really going to happen. Xiaomi has certified just such a charger. Data comes from the 3C website. Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not specify which particular model will […]

Standalone disinfection robot (video)

Researchers at the Massachusetts Research Institute (USA) teamed up with Ava Robotics to create a standalone robot equipped with UVC disinfection lamps. The coronavirus epidemic taught us how quickly bacteria are transmitted in our daily lives. Closed places full of people, such as factories, various trading bases or warehouses, are especially dangerous. Given these circumstances, […]

Reusable transparent mask that does not hide emotions! It can be cleaned in the dishwasher (photo + video)

The current situation is that people should wear masks, since now it can become the difference between life and death, but ordinary masks destroy the social fabric itself, remove people from each other, hiding their facial expressions, their emotions. Designed in France, a mask called Civility has a design that guarantees safety without compromising aesthetics. […]

Will the robo-dolphins save the animals by freeing them from captivity? (video)

Edge Innovations has created a dolphin robot that can help real animals. Edge Innovations is involved in animation and special effects – it has repeatedly helped in films requiring the presence of wild animals in the foreground. After the animal trade ceased after the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chinese aquarium asked the company to create a […]

Mysterious object off the coast of Florida (video)

Some time ago, an interesting video appeared on FishMonster's Facebook profile showing a strange object floating on the water off the coast of Florida. Although for some time the object was a real mystery, it was possible to find out what it really is. The video posted on the fishing profile aroused great interest. It […]

Electric Aircraft Racing Doesn't Wait Long (video)

Alauda, ​​an electric aircraft company, may soon launch its own racing series. Airspeeder has received approval from the Australian Office. Airspeeder – the name is the first conceptual motorsport program using aircraft, was developed by the Australian company Alauda. This program is designed to use electric rotary vehicles, driven personally by drivers sitting inside. This […]

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