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The new version of iOS with an annoying bug. Popular service causes battery drain

Users of Apple smartphones running iOS version 13.5.1 are faced with an unpleasant problem that interferes with the proper functioning of the device. We are talking about excessive battery consumption when using Apple Music. Users of iPhones equipped with iOS version 13.5.1 report a rather unusual problem caused by the latest update to this system. […]

Windows 98 is now in the browser

Windows 98 has survived to a version in a web browser. The operating system, which was still available on CD, can work on almost any modern computer with Internet access. An interesting project appeared on one of the sites, involving the complete emulation of Windows 98 in a web browser. The system starts by default […]

Microsoft provides new Edge browser for … Windows 7

Microsoft began updating Windows 10, which received a new version of the Edge browser. It turned out that the program should also “work” with an older OS, which is no longer officially supported by the American manufacturer. The update, designated as Kb4567409 for Windows, introduces a new version of Edge not only for Windows 8.1 […]

Windows 7 – what a cult operating system might look like today

Although Microsoft has officially discontinued support for Windows 7, there is still a group of fans of the old OS that cannot come to terms with this fact, to the extent that it has prepared its vision for the modern version of Windows 7. As of January 14, 2020, technical support and software updates from […]

The most powerful of Samsung 2020 smartphones is about to appear

The network begins to appear more and more rumors about the new Samsung smartphone. It turns out that the Galaxy Note 20 model may appear in the version with a flat screen. The Samsung Unpacked 2020 conference will be held in August this year – during this event we will see the new Galaxy Note […]

Ford introduced an amazing version of its new model

Diesel engine, automatic transmission change and luxury version of the equipment. New 1.5 EcoBlue 1.5L diesel engine. connected to a six-speed manual gearbox. The manufacturer defines its average consumption as 4.5 l / 100 km. in the WLTP loop. The petrol 1.0 EcoBoost with a capacity of 125 liters will also appear in the lineup. […]

Toyota, which you probably have not heard of (photos and video)

In Russia and Europe, almost no one is familiar with this model, but in Japan and other parts of the world it is a common sight on the roads. Coaster is a popular Toyota bus that has just received a new, most advanced version of the equipment. Toyota Coaster Premium Cabin is more space for […]

Inkscape 1.0 is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux. The work lasted almost 17 years

Inkscape is a popular vector graphics editing program that a few years later appeared in release number 1.0. This took a very long time, and the new version is now available for computers running Windows, macOS and Linux. Why did it take so long? Inkscape 1.0 is the latest version of the popular and free […]

Google Drive with Face ID and Touch ID support

Google Drive in the mobile version of iOS has received an important improvement. From this moment, the biometric security option will appear, that is, Face ID and Touch ID, with which we will protect your files. The principle of operation is simple. As soon as we open the Google Drive application on iOS or switch […]

Google Meet free version – wants to compete with Zoom

Google has made its Meet platform available to everyone. This is the way the American manufacturer struggles with its largest competitor, the Zoom program. Until now, Google Meet has been offered as a premium service, but the American company is definitely looking to take on part of the currently popular video conferencing market. The official […]

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