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Total War: Warhammer 2 breaks records of popularity

Total War: Warhammer 3 is not yet known when it will appear, but Creative Assembly studio responsible for the work probably doesn't care too much about it. However, he continues to release additional extensions for Warhammer 2, which is currently breaking Steam popularity records – and that is without special promotions. According to official statistics […]

Xiaomi makes smart watches with 70 sports modes!

Xiaomi intends to create a smart watch with a record number of sports modes. Amazfit Ares will debut in just a few days. We know what the new Xiaomi watch looks like. The Chinese manufacturer again decided to shock the world with its new product, this time focused on athletes. A photo and the release […]

May 19 is a very important date for Xiaomi users

Xiaomi announced the official launch date for its latest mobile software. The MIUI 12 firmware is supposed to offer users important changes and improvements over the previous generation. The software aims to bring improved system animations and a simplified, more minimalist interface. Xiaomi also seeks to bet on security and privacy. An important change will […]

Windows 10 has another bad update

Once again, the latest Microsoft update for Windows 10 causes problems on users' computers. The fix was marked as KB4549951. A user group after installing a new update for Windows 10 should experience the same problems as usual: in particular, it is a blue screen of death or problems with turning on the computer. The […]

Zoom 5.0 with security fixes

We have good news for Zoom messenger users. Its latest version introduces a security update, including 256-bit encryption. The Zoom application recorded a huge increase in popularity since the outbreak of coronavirus – from 10 million in December to 200 million users in March. Unfortunately, due to the high popularity, more and more frequent signals […]

WhatsApp will increase restrictions on group audio and video calls

WhatsApp, due to the current situation in the world, plans to change the restrictions on group video and audio calls. Information about this is found in the application code. The restrictions will be increased, and the current settings currently allow up to four users to participate in one conversation. Information about this was found in […]

COVID-19 hit Fallout 76. Players build hospitals and research centers to fight the coronavirus

COVID-19 also appeared in the game Fallout 76, in which a special hospital was created to treat patients with this dangerous virus, and groups of players distribute medicines to oncoming users. As we can see, the ingenuity of users may surprise. Coronavirus is a theme that doesn’t leave the headlines, and as it turned out, […]

Tuned – introduced a new Facebook application. This is a device designed for couples.

Tuned is a new application from Facebook, which is available only to users of iOS devices and is designed for couples. The novelty is a kind of diary that allows you to share notes, photos or voice messages with the second half. The user must first add his other half. In Tuned, this is done […]

Microsoft temporarily suspended updating Windows

The giant from Redmond refrains from non-security updates to Windows. All in order to provide the best stability for the period of intensive work of users at home. Recently it became known that Google made a similar decision. The company decided to minimize the update of its Chrome browser so as to interfere with people […]

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