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Firefox will allow users to delete all data

Firefox collects some user data, although Mozilla claims that there are relatively few. It became known that soon everyone will be able to delete the information collected so far. It will be possible as early as January 7th and on that day Firefox will receive an update. Mozilla assures that it is already collecting very […]

Avast acknowledges that antivirus collects and sells user data

The Avast CEO has confirmed that the expansion of the company collects data about users on the network. He told a little about what happens to the information received later and how it is processed. Avast antivirus is one of the most popular in the world. Especially its free version. As we know, in particular, […]

TikTok sued for sending user data to China

This application is increasingly discussed in the media. This time it’s not about a new function in the market, but about a lawsuit, according to which TikTok will collect and send data to Chinese servers. According to various reports, American users of the TikTok application stated that, thanks to various mechanisms, the application can send […]

YouTube introduces an update that trims almost half the screen when watching videos on TV

After several months of testing, YouTube TV survived to major functional updates. Google allows companies from all over the world to redeem this advertising space. For advertisers, of course, this is a plus, but not for users of YouTube TV. Google recently launched a Masthead pilot on YouTube TV. Now it has been announced that […]

Google is testing a new kind of comment section in the mobile version of YouTube

YouTube started testing, changes to the comments section of the Android app. After the changes, comments appear directly below the video and, thus, they will be less noticeable. YouTube comments can only be accessed by scrolling down the screen. They are currently quite hidden, but it seems that this may change soon. It is assumed […]

Twitter allows you to track topics

Twitter has promised that a new option will appear on the social network, namely, tracking various topics of publications. Unfortunately, despite many requests from users, at the moment there is still no such button. Users will probably have to wait until this update appears on all accounts. This time, as the company said, a surprise […]

Instagram expands its application

Instagram plans to hide the likes counter under various entries, which many users of the application do not like. The company, however, is adamant and next week will expand the pilot program with such a “function” in the United States. Instagram wants to see how such a change will affect the emotions of users of […]

Users complain again about iOS 13.2

This time we are talking about applications running in the background. IOS-13 users have no peace using this operating system. And this is a rather sad situation. Since the release, many corrections have been introduced and subsequent errors and problems still arise. Now Apple customers are complaining about how the system behaves in relation to […]

Filipinos sell their bodies for help with Facebook

The economic realities in the Philippines are forcing local people to put their bodies up for sale on social networks. One of the services used for this was Facebook, where users add ads for organ sales, Singapore's CNA reports. A typical post contains information about the proposed organ: donor blood type and starting price. The […]

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