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Scientists have reproduced a sound that can boil water

Researchers at the SLAC National Laboratory at Stanford University have developed a new way to boil water. To do this, they used a loud sound. Water molecules have a peculiar tendency to move at an increased speed when heated, a fairly loud sound wave causes a similar effect. Scientists from Stanford University decided to take […]

UK tests wireless charging for electric taxis

A special test program has started in Nottingham. Its mission is to test the cost-effectiveness of wireless electric vehicle charging technology. The UK investment of nearly $ 4.5 million represents the development of a “city cleanup” strategy. Its main premise is the gradual replacement of public transport vehicles from diesel to electric. A six-month trial […]

Google's artificial intelligence began weather prediction

Google has developed algorithms designed to predict the weather. Their effectiveness turned out to be better than that of traditionally applied solutions. Using artificial intelligence from Google to predict short-term forecasts, it turned out that the algorithms work better than the traditionally used methods. The artificial intelligence of the American company uses previously available data […]

SpaceX and Falcon 9 breaks next records

The Starlink project continues to increase the number of satellites. On November 11, another 60 satellites were launched and, very importantly, the mission was carried out with the help of the Falcon 9 rocket, which had previously been used three times. She was again able to return to the ground, and this means that after […]

Dangerous vulnerabilities found in ASUS routers

Specialists from the vpnMentor website reported on the detection of potentially dangerous vulnerabilities in routers manufactured by ASUS. The problems are related to one of the network applications that is used to service the device. Security issues with ASUS routers are related to the AsusWRT application. This is a program that serves to quickly install […]

Facebook will verify our identity with a selfie

The largest social network in the world – Facebook – will soon introduce a new way to verify your identity. The social network will use for this purpose a photo of our face, that is, popular selfies. New features in Facebook’s verification mechanisms have been discovered recently. According to the information provided, the service has […]

Dangerous vulnerability in iTunes

Security company Morphisec has discovered a dangerous vulnerability in the computer version of iTunes. It can be used to install ransomware. The problem was found in Bonjour update code. This software, which provides, in particular, the sharing of files, printers, and specifically the iTunes library. Due to an incorrect entry, hackers can use a vulnerable […]

Tattoos increase the risk of heavy metal buildup

It turns out that tattoos can be much more dangerous than we still thought. Even sterile needles can facilitate the entry of heavy metals such as nickel or chromium into the lymph nodes. It has long been known that during tattooing, heavy metal nanoparticles can be introduced into the body. They move throughout the body […]

A gel that speeds up tooth regeneration

Scientists have discovered an innovative way to restore tooth enamel. This technique may be used by dentists in the future to restore cavities. Enamel is the outer layer of the tooth that protects them from caries. Sugar use and poor oral hygiene can cause buildup of plaque and acid-producing bacteria that can damage tooth enamel. […]

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