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Dangerous vulnerability in iTunes

Security company Morphisec has discovered a dangerous vulnerability in the computer version of iTunes. It can be used to install ransomware. The problem was found in Bonjour update code. This software, which provides, in particular, the sharing of files, printers, and specifically the iTunes library. Due to an incorrect entry, hackers can use a vulnerable […]

Tattoos increase the risk of heavy metal buildup

It turns out that tattoos can be much more dangerous than we still thought. Even sterile needles can facilitate the entry of heavy metals such as nickel or chromium into the lymph nodes. It has long been known that during tattooing, heavy metal nanoparticles can be introduced into the body. They move throughout the body […]

A gel that speeds up tooth regeneration

Scientists have discovered an innovative way to restore tooth enamel. This technique may be used by dentists in the future to restore cavities. Enamel is the outer layer of the tooth that protects them from caries. Sugar use and poor oral hygiene can cause buildup of plaque and acid-producing bacteria that can damage tooth enamel. […]

Artificial Intelligence Helps Recognize Galaxy Mergers

Astronomers use artificial intelligence to search for ancient collisions of galaxies. Bright glows appear in the universe, which are a harbinger of a collision of galaxies. Unfortunately, terrestrial telescopes are not able to distinguish ultra-bright individual distant galaxies from two cosmic objects connecting to each other. Artificial intelligence will help. Since we know how galaxies […]

For two years, hackers had access to photos, messages and the location of iPhone users

Google experts discovered sites that exploited vulnerabilities in Apple software to distribute malware. Thanks to them, attackers had access to the information of iPhone users. Hacked sites were visited several thousand times during each week for 2 years. On its blog, the Google Project Zero team reported on perhaps the largest attack on iPhone users […]

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