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New from Google – Voice Recorder App

At the Google conference, the Google Recorder application is presented, that is, just a voice recorder. Its capabilities go beyond what we are used to using programs of this type. By default, Google Recorder should hit Pixel 4 devices and most likely appear on Google Play. At the moment, we can install a stable trial […]

The Vatican introduced the "electronic rosary" in the form of a bracelet

The authorities of the Catholic Church are trying in various ways to encourage young Christians, trying to find themselves in the world of new technologies. The last offer is an interactive rosary in the form of a bracelet. The purpose of using this device, of course, is to disseminate the popularity of Rosary prayers throughout […]

Windows 7 is becoming less and less secure

The approaching end of support for Windows 7 attracts hackers. The life cycle of Windows 7 is just about to end. Soon, Microsoft will release the latest update for this system, and then cease to support it. As a recent report shows, the closer to the end, the more dangerous it is to use Windows […]

Japan Airlines shows where children sit on an airplane

People who travel to Japan Japan Airlines can already use the new feature in the reservation system. It will allow you to choose a place away from children. Traveling with children is not easy. Kids do not tolerate long flights, often reacting with crying, hysteria, or other behavior that makes traveling difficult for travel companions. […]

Google is testing a new way to watch instructional videos

Google introduces an application page for a new pilot project. It consists in demonstrating links to video tutorials, which will now have the appearance of colored buttons. They appear directly below the search bar. Such videos, of course, can be useful to people who are just starting to use a smartphone. Google conducts tests of […]

IOS Safari Can Transfer Data to Tencent Servers

Apple’s Safari web browser, which is located on iOS devices, turns out to be able to send some data to Tencent’s servers. True, this problem does not apply to users from Europe. If you are using an iPhone or ipad, then almost certainly you are also using Safari. This is a web browser built into […]

New antibiotic found in Mexico

A new antibiotic was discovered in the soil of the rainforest, which can be especially useful in agriculture. Phasolycin has recently been isolated deep in the rainforests of Los Tuxtlas in Mexico. It seems that this substance can attack several types of bacteria. “Acquired resistance is a huge problem both in medicine and in agriculture, […]

Samsung smartphones with wireless support for Android Auto

Owners of some Samsung Galaxy series phones can now use Android Auto without the need for a cable. Samsung smartphones have joined mobile devices that can use wireless connectivity with Android Auto. Among them were models Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 +, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 +, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 +, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy […]

Intel processors contain new vulnerabilities

The Intel brand processors have again discovered shortcomings that can be used to destabilize the operation of software. However, this time it is not related to security. The situation was reported by Google, and we already know that it will be necessary to make appropriate amendments to popular browsers. Intel over the past two years […]

Galaxy Fold broke in a day

After Samsung had a number of improvements, it decided that the Galaxy Fold could go on sale again. It turns out that with this device, users, as before, buy huge problems. One of the new phones was damaged after a few days of use. According to TechCrunch, it seems that after just one day of […]

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