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Smart bottles themselves distribute the amount of alcohol

Sacramento Kings Basketball Stadium is famous for many technological innovations. For some time, viewers of premium seats can, in particular, rely on the use of smart bottles. NBA matches are famous for their fast and dynamic game. Especially for those who want to concentrate on the show and not look back at the bartender, places […]

Micro Mobility Systems revealed two new urban electric vehicles

The Swiss company Micro Mobility Systems introduced two new urban electric vehicles – Microlino 2.0 and Microlette. It is a mini-car and a mini-bike, which are ideal for use in urban environments, although their price can slightly scare them off. Microlino is a refurbished model that was shown five years ago. In principle, this is […]

US works on more advanced face recognition

Thanks to machine learning, the U.S. Army can use advanced face recognition technology. According to New Scientist, the US military is funding the creation of a portable face recognition device that can identify people from a distance of 1 kilometer. None of the technologies currently available work in such an advanced way. The project was […]

WhatsApp gains two billion users a month

WhatsApp messenger is one of the most popular applications of this type. The company has just boasted that it has crossed yet another milestone in the number of users who use this program. WhatsApp already had a billion users in 2016, and two and a half years later. Now, after two consecutive years, the application […]

Huawei sues American telecommunications giant

The Chinese concern said it has filed a lawsuit for patent infringement of Verizon in US courts for East and West Texas. Huawei expects the largest US mobile operator to pay compensation for using technology protected by 12 US patents. Verizon claims this is an attack on the technology ecosystem. Before the case went to […]

EU plans ban on face recognition technology

The European Union wants to consider banning the use of face recognition technology in public places for a period of 5 years. A European Union ban on face recognition should be a means to limit potential breaches of confidentiality. The ban may contain exceptions. It is not known whether the ban will apply to most […]

China introduces severe restrictions on plastic consumption

Chinese authorities have announced that they plan to increase restrictions on the production, sale and use of disposable plastic in an attempt to solve one of the biggest problems in the country – environmental pollution. A huge amount of unprocessed plastic waste, they are buried in landfills or dumped into rivers. The United Nations has […]

Huawei Mate Xs May Be Cheaper Than Mate X

Huawei is due to unveil its next foldable smartphone in March. As the name implies, Mate Xs will not be a completely new product; instead, it should be regarded as an improved Mate X. We have already heard that it will use the latest Kirin 990 chipset from HiSilicon with 5G support, and today some […]

Puma created sneakers for gamers

Puma knows that every sport needs the right accessories. E-athletes who still feel that their shoes are not suitable for the corresponding activity can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The German manufacturer of shoes and sportswear, Puma, has prepared special shoes for them for indoor use. Their designers convince that they provide comfort, grip […]

AOC – two new 21: 9 monitors for players

AOC introduces the CU34G2 and CU34G2X gaming monitors. These are 34-inch curved models displaying a picture with a resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels. CU34G2 and CU34G2X are twin designs. They are based on ultra-panoramic VA matrices and support AMD FreeSync technology. The difference between the models comes down to updating the image – the […]

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