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Samsung may create an unusual smartphone

A lot of myths has accumulated about the new leak about the alleged Galaxy Z model, and there is nothing to be surprised, since the photo posted on the network shows a very unusual device with a double folding screen. It is not yet known for sure whether Galaxy is just a figment of the […]

CES 2020: Samsung's covert display of a laptop with a sliding screen

According to Korean media reports, Samsung has shown an unusual laptop behind closed doors at the Consumer Electronics Show. This is a laptop with a sliding screen, which was patented in December 2018. At exhibitions, manufacturers often present prototypes that do not necessarily wait for market entry. Some inventions are not ready enough to be […]

NASA telescope spotted an explosion on a comet

NASA's space telescope, called TESS, was designed to search for alien worlds. However, with its help, sometimes it is also possible to see other phenomena. One of these unusual objects was a comet, from which a large amount of ice, gas and dust comes out. It happened after the explosion. The NASA space telescope allowed […]

Is this a smartphone? Top 5 most unusual innovative mobile devices

As soon as the public got used to the “smart” phones, capable of performing dozens of various useful functions, smartphones began to appear on the market, which, in addition to opportunities, shock their appearance and origin. Manufacturers began to work actively on the creation of devices with three cameras, mobile phones in a flexible case, […]

Hybrid HR – smartwatch with an unusual screen and long battery life

The well-known manufacturer of devices Fossil has introduced a new model of hybrid smart watches – Hybrid HR. This equipment is characterized by the use of a well-known program for reading electronic books. I must admit that the new Fossil brand equipment should unite lovers of both classic products and lovers of advanced technologies. Thanks […]

A girl can sleep for months

An unusual medical case was observed in Colombia. One 17-year-old girl regularly falls asleep, which can last several days, weeks, and even months. With long dreams, the girl – Sharik Tovar – often loses her memory. She is one of the few people who have to live with an extremely rare disease called Kleine-Levin syndrome, […]

Arlo introduces a modern doorbell

Arlo launches a rather interesting product on the market related to new technologies. This time we are talking about an unusual doorbell for a modern home. Arlo is expanding its smart home product catalog a bit. The latest addition is the Arlo Video Doorbell, which is a rather unusual doorbell. First of all, the call […]

Andy Rubin, creator of Android, introduced a very unusual phone

Andy Rubin is the undisputed father of Android, who eventually left Google and took up other projects. Two years ago, he created the Essential Phone, which was a pretty interesting smartphone. Now Rubin is back with a new, very unusual project called Project GEM. Recently, Andy has had quite a bit of information, and now […]

Found an unusual double diamond. He's like a nesting doll.

An unusual diamond was found in a diamond mine in Yakutia. Actually, two diamonds. One in the other. They resemble our matryoshka. The diamond was raised to the surface from a mine in Yakutia and immediately aroused the enthusiasm of experts, because it has an unusual structure: it consists of two stones. One of them […]

Unusual Motorola RAZR with a folding screen closer than you think

According to recent reports, at the end of this year, the first folding Motorola smartphone will debut, which has a chance to become a bestseller due to its design. What will be the folding Motorola RAZR? It's no secret that Motorola is working on a fold-out smartphone that will bring the legendary Moto RAZR series […]

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