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A conventional light allows listening from a distance of 25 meters

Smart home devices can be hacked, be it the camera and microphone of a laptop or smartphone. Phishing, a bad password or carelessness can lead to hacking of a mailbox or bank account. However, we must not forget about more traditional methods of observation. This is best shown by the fact that an ordinary home […]

Total War: Warhammer 2 breaks records of popularity

Total War: Warhammer 3 is not yet known when it will appear, but Creative Assembly studio responsible for the work probably doesn't care too much about it. However, he continues to release additional extensions for Warhammer 2, which is currently breaking Steam popularity records – and that is without special promotions. According to official statistics […]

Xiaomi makes smart watches with 70 sports modes!

Xiaomi intends to create a smart watch with a record number of sports modes. Amazfit Ares will debut in just a few days. We know what the new Xiaomi watch looks like. The Chinese manufacturer again decided to shock the world with its new product, this time focused on athletes. A photo and the release […]

Redmi K30i will be the cheapest 5G smartphone

5G smartphones are clearly more expensive than 4G models, so there is ongoing competition among manufacturers for who will be most able to reduce the price of such equipment. In this niche, Redmi can lead with the planned Redmi K30i smartphone. The Redmi K30 5G phone, using the Snapdragon 765g chip with a 5G modem, […]

Apple makes more money on watches than Rolex

If the Apple Watch continues to grow at the same pace as in the past two years, in 2023 it will sell more watches than the entire Swiss industry combined. On Instagram of American stars, luxury Swiss watch brands look great. World pop star Justin Bieber recently praised Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak watch, which he […]

Subnautica: More than 5 million copies sold

From general information it follows that Subnautica is of high interest to gamers. Subnautica is an open-world survival simulator that focuses on the study of underwater locations, although unlike many competing offers, it abandoned any multiplayer-oriented mode, focusing on single player, which was very well received by the players, as evidenced by sales statistics. Studio […]

A revolution in transplantology: the liver outside the body will not only be stored for transplantation for a week, but also will be cured!

A newly developed device is able to repair a damaged liver and keep it operational for one week. This gives hope for people from all over the world who are awaiting transplantation of this organ. German scientists have introduced a device that can make a breakthrough in transplantology. “The success of this unique perfusion system […]

Only Samsung could make such a TV – what makes it different?

The Internet got photos depicting the first frameless TV of the South Korean brand. The presentation of the new items should take place during the Consumer Electronics Show 2020 in Las Vegas. But photos have already appeared, designed so that everyone can imagine the appearance of the long-awaited series of 8K QLED TVs. At the […]

YouTube introduces an update that trims almost half the screen when watching videos on TV

After several months of testing, YouTube TV survived to major functional updates. Google allows companies from all over the world to redeem this advertising space. For advertisers, of course, this is a plus, but not for users of YouTube TV. Google recently launched a Masthead pilot on YouTube TV. Now it has been announced that […]

Facebook on iOS may seamlessly turn on the camera on iPhone

Another issue with Facebook. This time, the Internet user found that the application downloaded to the iOS system includes a camera on the iPhone. The company has already answered these allegations and claims that this is just a random mistake in the latest version of the program. Facebook, of course, like any online product, has […]

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