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It will be a very crazy and unusual Skoda

Twenty Skoda Academy students were given the task of creating the seventh student concept car. The choice this time fell on the compact Scala model, which students will demonstrate in the Spider version. Participants created the first sketches under the supervision of Oliver Stefani, Skoda Auto project manager. The car along with the official name […]

Apple makes more money on watches than Rolex

If the Apple Watch continues to grow at the same pace as in the past two years, in 2023 it will sell more watches than the entire Swiss industry combined. On Instagram of American stars, luxury Swiss watch brands look great. World pop star Justin Bieber recently praised Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak watch, which he […]

Xiaomi Smoovie will detect a hidden camera

Our privacy is currently undergoing severe testing. In an era of technology minimization, we can never be sure that at the moment we are not being recorded or tracked. Fortunately, Xiaomi came to the rescue with the new Smoovie device. Smoovie is nothing more than a small infrared detector. The device has a built-in sensor […]

Santa Claus route now on Google

Santa’s route will appear in the Google app, which many of us are familiar with and, of course, those who have children. Let's see what's new in the application. Santa's route to Google is an application that updates the giant with Moutainview every year. Google this year decided to introduce a new design in a […]

AirPods Pro coming soon

It has long been clear that Apple is working on new AirPods, which should receive noise reduction. These assumptions were confirmed along with beta firmware 13.2. Now we know when the headphones will appear on the market and how much they will cost. It is worth remembering one thing when choosing headphones: not for nothing […]

Google Pixel 4 smartphones will introduce a new way to use Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of the main elements of the Android operating system, which is increasingly used by users of smartphones with this OS. Along with the debut of new smartphones from the Google Pixel family, Google Assistant will also change dramatically. Along with the release of new smartphones from the Google Pixel family, Google […]

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