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Go Dogo will help you tame your dog and take care of it when the pet is alone in the house

The kit consists of a feed supply unit, a camera, and an application that serves to set up dog training and track pet progress. Go Dogo connects to the phone via Wi-fi and works with Android and iOS systems. The device weighs a little over one and a half kilograms and has 16 centimeters in […]

LG Soundbar with AI Calibration

LG promises that their new soundbars will automatically calibrate the sound to provide the best listening experience. All this is implemented using artificial intelligence. LG’s new soundbars introduce Room AI, an artificial intelligence algorithm that calibrates sound for the room in which they are located. The functionality was developed together with Meridian Technology – this […]

Google Package Tracking

The giant from Mountain View announced the introduction of a test mode of a new feature in Google search engines. We are talking about the possibility of tracking packages directly from the search bar. In order for the solution to gain popularity, it is necessary to involve companies that deliver parcels. Tracking packages today is […]

Huawei sues US Federal Communications Commission

Huawei still has trade problems both in the US and in Europe due to restrictions issued by the Trump administration. Now the company decided to start fighting and suing. Since May of this year, Huawei fell into the so-called entity list, which means that the company cannot get a license and fully trade. The case […]

HoloLens 2 officially appeared – Microsoft introduces new AR glasses

Microsoft has finally officially unveiled a new generation of its virtual reality glasses. HoloLens 2 is already available for sale to all comers, although this product is more likely for enterprises and professionals than for the general consumer. You have to pay for points – a “trifle” – $ 3,500. Microsoft indicated in a press […]

No one heard of him a year ago. Today it’s clear – Realme is the new Xiaomi

Realme, which has existed for only a year and a half, has been conquering the smartphone market; currently it is already in 7th place worldwide in terms of sales. Realme is a manufacturer that just a year ago would not have been looked at at all. The company debuted in May 2018, and has since […]

Melting ice in Antarctica causes radiation contamination

There is no longer chlorine-36 of radioactive origin in the earth’s atmosphere. Because of this, scientists carefully examine its level on Earth. As it turns out, the radioactive isotope has settled in the glaciers of Antarctica. This information is all the more frightening, given that there is now a massive melting of these glaciers. Chlorine-36 […]

Is the appearance of Google smart watches real? Alphabet wants to buy Fitbit

Neither side comments on these reports, but Reuters claims that Alphabet has made an offer to buy Fitbit in order to be able to increase its presence on the wearable gadget market. The Reuters article does not provide any details regarding the offer or amount proposed by Alphabet. On the news of the planned acquisition, […]

Porsche Taycan Turbo S vs Tesla Model S P100D

Here is one of these tests, the appearance of which many have been waiting since the premiere of Porsche electric models. Someone finally arranged a race for the S P100D and Turbo S Taycan models to determine the winner. In theory, a car from Porsche was not so effective compared to the Tesla, but it […]

The company, founded by the brother of Pablo Escobar, wants to sue Ilona Mask

Roberto De Jesus Escobar, that is, the brother of drug boss boss Pablo Escobar and former accountant of the Medellín cartel, announced that he intends to sue Ilona Mask. The 72-year-old Colombian claims that the company Ilona Mask stole from him an idea related to the production and sale of fire throwers. In an interview […]

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