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Samsung smartphones instead of a payment terminal: the new system will soon work

Samsung POS is a new system that Koreans have experienced for some time. Thanks to a special application, Galaxy smartphones with a built-in NFC module can now act as a terminal that will accept payments by cards or other available services. Samsung POS allows you to turn Galaxy smartphones into payment terminals. A pilot project […]

Android users have downloaded more applications than iPhone owners

The analytical company AppAnnie published a new report showing the status of two sites with mobile applications: Google Play Store and App Store. It shows the greater activity of Android device owners in the matter of downloading the application, but it seems that Android owners have brought much less money than iPhone users. The new […]

Autonomous Navya buses appeared on Japanese roads

Autonomous Navya buses appeared on Japanese roads, however, so far only within the framework of the CEATEC 2019 exhibition. The Navya autonomous bus, which was announced some time ago, transported groups of people along a predefined road 1.5 km long. The bus was allowed to ride and will ride in the area of ​​the CEATEC […]

Instagram and new photo capture features

Instagram is trying to grow and keep up to date. The company is engaged in the processing of webcam applications. Yes, this application may have had problems and mass crashes, but the fact that Instagram is the most popular photo network in the world cannot be denied. Now, a worldwide popular social network is trying […]

Google introduces Titan USB-C security key

Google has come to the conclusion that the Titan security key must be accessible to everyone. The new gadget is no different in terms of functionality from the old keys. It is still based on axiom standards, the difference is simply that it has a new interface. Google announced its first security keys in 2018. […]

Google Play may get incognito mode

Google Play will soon join the applications that offer incognito mode. Its inclusion means that when using the functions of this service you do not save any data. Also, supposedly, a function will appear in the application that increases security. Such a novelty may appear this month. In preparation is also a new mechanism that […]

In space for the first time managed to grow meat

The astronauts at the International Space Station, for the first time, grew meat in the laboratory outside the Earth. To do this, use biological printing from 3D Bioprinting Solutions, which allowed us to create beef steak. It turns out that in space conditions such a process is faster. All kinds of experiments are being conducted […]

Internet users complain about Apple's new flagship

iPhone 11 is prone to scratches. The flagship iPhone 11 just appeared on the market, but some users are already starting to complain about it. This time we are not talking about problems with the firmware and hardware flaws. Unfortunately, the phone is very easy to scratch. A huge number of owners of the new […]

Samsung's ingenious idea to unlock smartphones

Currently, mobile phones are unlocked using a PIN or fingerprint. But what if these two methods are combined? This idea came to Samsung engineers and then it was decided to patent this solution. In future smartphones of this Korean manufacturer, fingerprints can be simultaneously scanned while entering the PIN code. We can unlock smartphones in […]

Kitty Hawk – New Electric Private Aircraft

Kitty Hawk is supported by the founder of Google introduced its third model of electric aircraft. The HSVD-marked aircraft is 100 times quieter than the helicopter, and it is about a third smaller than the classic Cessny, which makes it a truly mobile device, easy to operate and maintain. Kitty Hawk is capable of generating […]

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