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NASA sends Helga and Zohar into space

One small step of a mannequin can be a big step for humanity. So consider in NASA, in which there are plans to send mannequins into space. In 2020, when NASA launches the Orion spacecraft as part of the Artemis 1 mission, two female mannequins of women will be on board. It turns out that […]

Google Photos with a new feature. This time it's private messages

Google Photos is a popular application that has received a new feature. The company prepares us a chat with the ability to send private messages using instant messaging. Google claims that such an application will help you share photos with loved ones. Now everyone can safely update the installed application and it will finally receive […]

Marine animals will help you make detailed maps of the bottom of the oceans.

Turtles and other marine species of animals can be invaluable in mapping the bottom of the oceans. According to scientists who monitor the oceans around the world, it is not necessary to create sophisticated equipment or conduct expensive expeditions to explore the ocean depths. You can simply use a wide range of marine animals and […]

Another crash on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram

Another accident of Zuckerberg services led to the fact that applications simply stopped functioning normally. Users report problems with logging into social networks and difficulties with adding posts. Some time ago, reports began to appear that the Facebook service had stopped working, both in the version for desktop and mobile. Moreover, in addition to Facebook, […]

iPhone 12 may have 6 GB of RAM

The latest Apple phones are already on the market. Now is the time for another rumor and speculation about the twelfth version of the iPhone. Recently, there have been suggestions on the network that new smartphones will finally receive 6 GB of RAM. Already this year, theoretically, we should see an iPhone with 6 GB […]

Alpha Monocerotides meteors illuminate the night sky

On the night of February 21-22, we will witness a surprising phenomenon. We are waiting for meteor shower from a swarm of alpha-Monocerotides. Scientists hope that incredible meteorites will be visible in the sky and there will be a lot of them. The phenomenon of meteor shower alpha Monocerotides can be observed in the sky. […]

Ford introduced the new Mustang: this time it's an electric car …

Ford Automobile Group has unveiled the latest collection of the iconic Mustang series of cars. The Mach-E, the big revolution, is not only the first electrically powered model, but also a very fast crossover. After 55 years of existence in the automobile market of the Mustang brand, Ford decided on a big revolution. Next year, […]

Autonomous cars will identify selfish drivers

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a special algorithm that will allow autonomous cars to classify the identity of drivers. Thus, road traffic should be safer in the future. Autonomous cars are already very near future. Such vehicles can already be found on the streets of the largest cities in the world, […]

Virgin Galactic began training for tourists who want to fly into space

The topic of tourist space flights some time ago generally seemed like real science fiction, and now this topic is being seriously discussed. Virgin Galactic, which is about to launch a regular space flight service soon, began training a group of 600 people who expressed a desire to travel outside the Earth for tourism purposes. […]

The United States paid Russia a gigantic amount for transporting astronauts to the International Space Station

Since 2011, NASA has been using Russian rockets to transport cargo and astronauts to the International Space Station. The Americans are already working on their successor, which is not particularly surprising given the amount that the US space agency has paid in recent years for the use of Soyuz rockets. NASA's accountant probably cannot wait […]

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