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CES 2020: Production of water from air and solar energy

According to UN estimates, more than 2 billion people live without clean drinking water in their homes. Zero Mass Water has developed a completely revolutionary solution. Their Source device only receives water from air and sunlight. “The Source panel created by us is currently the only solution providing access to clean water that does not […]

LG InstaView – new refrigerators featuring content

Within a few days, during the CES 2020 exhibition, LG will introduce two new smart refrigerators. InstaView models are distinguished by several useful technologies, in particular, automatic registration of pledged products and the creation of ice in the form of balls. InstaView refrigerators appeared on the market in 2018. Now the manufacturer is preparing for […]

Facebook introduces its own payments

Mark Zuckerberg and the company decided to introduce a quick payment on Facebook, allowing them to make transfers for friends via Messenger. After the image change, the time has come for new services. On Facebook, you will find many places to issue cash as a platform. The system also has games and much more. Facebook […]

SpaceX and Falcon 9 breaks next records

The Starlink project continues to increase the number of satellites. On November 11, another 60 satellites were launched and, very importantly, the mission was carried out with the help of the Falcon 9 rocket, which had previously been used three times. She was again able to return to the ground, and this means that after […]

Huawei with a new record for data download speed through 5G

Huawei announced that it has set a new record for downloading data over 5G networks. This was made possible through a partnership with the Swiss operator Sunrise. It is also worth adding that a new value is installed on the commercial network. The previous record for downloading data in 5G networks was 2 Gbps. Of […]

Galaxy Fold broke in a day

After Samsung had a number of improvements, it decided that the Galaxy Fold could go on sale again. It turns out that with this device, users, as before, buy huge problems. One of the new phones was damaged after a few days of use. According to TechCrunch, it seems that after just one day of […]

Microsoft will launch an updated ergonomic keyboard

For some time, Microsoft has been releasing updated things to the market that they have long forgotten about. The company is now about to tackle the once-cult ergonomic keyboard. The WinFuture website said that on October 2, Microsoft will show such things as the Surface Pro 7 or the Surface 3 Notebook. A new ergonomic […]

Windows 10 will receive improvements in Bluetooth service and driver updates

Windows 10 will receive a major update next year, known to us today as 20H1. Tests were conducted this week, and those devices on which testing was carried out received new advantages. This time related to Bluetooth support and updates, including device drivers. Windows 10 20H1 from several months is tested through Insiders. This week, […]

Windows 7 will die soon: Microsoft recalls discontinuation of support

Windows 7 is a popular operating system, but after four months it will be completely deactivated. The latest update will take place in January 2020. Then this version will be deprived of support and will not receive any updates, including those related to security. About 10 years after the debut, this version of the "windows" […]

Windows 10 will soon make phone calls

The “Your Phone” application from Windows 10 will soon receive one of the most anticipated features by users. This is the ability to make phone calls. This method of communication using Windows 10 has already been tested and after some time should appear in a permanent version of the application. Your phone is the bridge […]

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