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Another Huawei smartphone sold out in seconds!

Huawei P40 Pro + is currently the best smartphone in the Huawei lineup. The flagship breaks popularity records in China, where during the first sales, he disappeared from the shelves in seconds. Delayed sales of the P40 Pro + were a pretty risky move, as there have long been two strong versions of the P40 […]

Microsoft Edge with Chromium Available Through Windows Update

Microsoft Edge with Chromium is a web browser that debuted earlier this year. Then the giant from Redmond said that over time, he will begin to share it through the automatic update mechanism. However, initially it was not complete. Microsoft has now begun deploying the program through Windows Update. Microsoft launched the Edge browser with […]

Smart speaker as an accent part of the interior

Columns for designers are like pizza toppings for ordinary people, you can never focus on combinations, and you need to continue to innovate to find the one you need. Portable speakers usually do not have an intriguing aesthetics, so Seda was created with the intention of blending both visual effects and technology to make these […]

Video conferencing in Tesla cars?

Tesla electric vehicle owners want to turn their cars into mobile offices. The very idea of ​​the possibility of video conferencing in cars of the American brand was born even before the coronavirus epidemic. Then a certain user praised himself in the forum for the conversation inside the car through the Zoom application. Recently, the […]

Bill Gates: in 20 years we may face a similar pandemic

Over the years, Bill Gates has allocated money to fight diseases that threaten people in poorer countries. Thanks to his experience, he warns that this is only the beginning of a long journey, and in two decades we may face a similar danger. Microsoft co-founder regularly warned that states around the world should prepare for […]

Google Assistant helps wash your hands

Currently, the prevailing coronavirus pandemic has made frequent hand washing one of the most important actions that people should do now. Google Assistant has got a new feature. This is a special team that launches a hand washing song. It lasts 40 seconds. In addition, on Nest screens, she is accompanied by animation. Recently, Google […]

Amazing discovery of astronomers – Earth currently has two moons

The Earth constantly “owns” one natural satellite, and this is the well-known Moon. It is interesting, however, that astronomers have found a second such object. It is relatively small, in size resembles an ordinary car. In addition, the "second moon" will not linger in our area for too long. After some time, it will be […]

CES 2020: Production of water from air and solar energy

According to UN estimates, more than 2 billion people live without clean drinking water in their homes. Zero Mass Water has developed a completely revolutionary solution. Their Source device only receives water from air and sunlight. “The Source panel created by us is currently the only solution providing access to clean water that does not […]

LG InstaView – new refrigerators featuring content

Within a few days, during the CES 2020 exhibition, LG will introduce two new smart refrigerators. InstaView models are distinguished by several useful technologies, in particular, automatic registration of pledged products and the creation of ice in the form of balls. InstaView refrigerators appeared on the market in 2018. Now the manufacturer is preparing for […]

Facebook introduces its own payments

Mark Zuckerberg and the company decided to introduce a quick payment on Facebook, allowing them to make transfers for friends via Messenger. After the image change, the time has come for new services. On Facebook, you will find many places to issue cash as a platform. The system also has games and much more. Facebook […]

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