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Dubai has the largest building in the world, erected using a three-dimensional printer

Apis Cor, a specialist in 3D building printing technology, recently completed the construction of what can be called the largest “printed” building in the world today. This building, located in Dubai, is the building of an administrative building, it was erected using a single three-dimensional printer, although it is worth recognizing that a significant part […]

Laser holograms – a new way to improve the quality of industrial three-dimensional printing technologies

One of the drawbacks of modern industrial technologies for laser three-dimensional printing is strong heating at the point of contact of the metal with the laser light beam. This heating melts the metal powder, but it also leads to the appearance of areas of internal mechanical tension and deformation of the workpiece. And all these […]

The new three-dimensional map of the Milky Way shows us the "twisted and curved" shape of our galaxy

For quite some time, astronomers have believed that the shape of our galaxy, the Milky Way galaxy, is fully consistent with the shape of a traditional spiral galaxy. Our galaxy has a core surrounded by a flat disk consisting of stars, planets and clouds of interstellar gas and cosmic dust. The disk of our galaxy […]

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