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Xiaomi launches a new laptop. What is known about him?

Redmi is preparing its new laptop that will run on Intel processors. What can you expect from its specs? Redmi is preparing an updated RedmiBook laptop, which was available earlier – among other things, with processors from AMD. This time, however, Xiaomi is about to incorporate a US-based Intel Core i7 chip into its hardware. […]

The moon arose differently than we thought so far? There are new studies

The moon is usually considered the part torn from our planet as a result of a collision with some large object. However, there are other hypotheses. A new study found that its craters have more iron and titanium than expected. The moon may be a fragment of the Earth formed as a result of a […]

A car battery that can last nearly 2 million kilometers

CATL, the world's largest supplier of EV batteries, said it has created a new type of battery capable of withstanding 1.24 million miles and therefore nearly 2 million kilometers. The biggest problem of modern electric vehicles is the durability of the batteries installed in them. Over the years, they lose their capacity and, therefore, need […]

In iOS 14, a call recording may appear

Apple may introduce a rather unusual feature in the new version of its operating system. It's about the ability to record conversations and FaceTime. At the moment, however, these are just rumors, so it is not known whether we will see such an addition in the new iOS. The IT Home service reports that one […]

Lexus LC Convertible

The luxury LC Convertible Convertible is the first Lexus with a foldable soft roof. Therefore, the engineers of the brand did not spare efforts to create the best roof for this unique car. The new roof not only gives the LC Convertible silhouette an elegant, sophisticated shape that is directly linked to the LC Coupe […]

NASA spacecraft will land on asteroid Bennu

NASA is preparing to land on the asteroid Bennu, belonging to the Apollo group, and, therefore, the objects located closest to our planet. After completing the mission, the purpose of the probe will be a safe return to Earth. The mission of the OSIRIS-REx probe cannot be classified as simple. Landing should take place on […]

Redmi K30i will be the cheapest 5G smartphone

5G smartphones are clearly more expensive than 4G models, so there is ongoing competition among manufacturers for who will be most able to reduce the price of such equipment. In this niche, Redmi can lead with the planned Redmi K30i smartphone. The Redmi K30 5G phone, using the Snapdragon 765g chip with a 5G modem, […]

Xiaomi shows groundbreaking technology! Budget models will be much better

Xiaomi has developed an efficient fingerprint reader located inside the LCD screen. A smartphone with such technology does not yet exist, so the Chinese have good chances of a breakthrough. We have known readers installed inside screens for about two years. Of course, the Chinese who excel at mobile technology have designed and implemented them. […]

Realme X50 5G: company reveals specification details

Realme is a company that is becoming stronger in the smartphone market. Now we will learn a little about the upcoming flagship, that is, about the Realme X50 5G. This information comes from the vice president of the company, so we can say that this is an official confirmation of previous rumors. Realme X50 5G […]

Nokia is back with an innovative phone

Nokia is preparing to introduce its own foldable smartphone. This mobile device will work similarly to the designs available on the market today. HMD Global wants to join the emerging trend with its foldable smartphone – this is not surprising. Currently, most major manufacturers are developing similar designs. The HMD folding phone was due to […]

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