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Samsung AirDresser – a cabinet that helps to refresh clothes (photo + video)

Samsung AirDresser is a cabinet that allows you to refresh even clothes made of delicate fabrics, so far you had to go to specialized laundries or dry cleaners. Thanks to the unique technology, it allows not only to clean their dirt, but also to remove bacteria and viruses. In our cabinets you can find clothes […]

GTA V: giveaway until May 21

An attractive offer in the Epic Games Store – everyone can download a copy of Grand Theft Auto V until May 21 and save it forever. Although this game will celebrate its seventh birthday in September, it is still very popular, mainly due to the GTA Online network mode. The offer is valid for exactly […]

This V-shaped drone received two silent propellers instead of four noisy

Developed by Zero Zero Robotics, the V-Coptr Falcon opens up a new direction in drone design, because unlike most drones with 4-8 V-Coptr Falcon propellers, only two of them are enough. They fold into the case when packaged and unfold, acquiring a V-shape when ready for use. Propellers have the ability to change direction, tilting […]

Robots join the fight against coronavirus

The famous four-legged robots Boston Dynamics will help medical professionals in the fight against coronavirus. Spot Mini are small four-legged robots made by the well-known company Boston Dynamics, based in Massachusetts. Until now, we could see them as office assistants or tool suppliers. Now these robots are joining the fight against coronavirus. With their help, […]

US works on more advanced face recognition

Thanks to machine learning, the U.S. Army can use advanced face recognition technology. According to New Scientist, the US military is funding the creation of a portable face recognition device that can identify people from a distance of 1 kilometer. None of the technologies currently available work in such an advanced way. The project was […]

Vivo iQOO 3 5G latest teaser – this is a gadget unboxing video

Vivo iQOO 3 5G will be presented on February 25 and just before this event, the company presented it in the official “practical” video. It should be said that you can’t make out the phone, because it is blurry when in the frame. However, thanks to recent phone images and renders, we know how it […]

Meizu 17: new leaks

Meizu is preparing for the premiere of the latest flagship smartphone – Meizu 17. The phone is still shrouded in mystery, but fresh renderings have just appeared on the network. Thanks to this, we can appreciate the design of this smartphone. Recently, Meizu did not report any new products, probably due to the fact that […]

Honor MagicWatch 2 in new versions. Here everyone will find something for themselves.

Honor MagicWatch 2 is one of the most interesting smartwatch models of 2019. The gadget has received a dozen new options that are the result of the Honor Global Watch Face Design contest. Smartwatch is not yet an electronics industry that is associated with a fancy design approach. From bolder projects, it comes to mind […]

LG InstaView – new refrigerators featuring content

Within a few days, during the CES 2020 exhibition, LG will introduce two new smart refrigerators. InstaView models are distinguished by several useful technologies, in particular, automatic registration of pledged products and the creation of ice in the form of balls. InstaView refrigerators appeared on the market in 2018. Now the manufacturer is preparing for […]

Dell: Premiere of Latitude and XPS Series AI Laptops

The Dell brand presented the novelties of 2020: Latitude and XPS laptops. New items use artificial intelligence, are equipped with 5G, and also differ in the original design. The Latitude 9510 is the smallest and lightest commercial 15-inch laptop in the world. Although it was equipped with a 15-inch display, it has the same dimensions […]

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