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Xiaomi introduced its first OLED TV in the Master series

Xiaomi has officially announced its first TV to offer an OLED matrix. It uses LG's 120Hz refresh screen, and in the presentation it looks like a great offer in terms of price and quality. The new Xiaomi TV opens the series of models planned by the Chinese manufacturer using OLED matrices. The premiere model is […]

Windows 98 is now in the browser

Windows 98 has survived to a version in a web browser. The operating system, which was still available on CD, can work on almost any modern computer with Internet access. An interesting project appeared on one of the sites, involving the complete emulation of Windows 98 in a web browser. The system starts by default […]

CarKey will appear in cars

Apple finally launches the long-awaited CarKey feature, which uses NFC technology to unlock and launch the car. Although the idea of ​​replacing the car key with a smartphone is not new, nevertheless, work on the development of this technology has been going on for a long time. Fortunately, Apple has decided to accelerate the pace, […]

Aqua-Fi technology will provide Internet access for divers and underwater "Internet of Things" devices

Researchers in Saudi Arabia have developed a technology called Aqua-Fi, which is the next incarnation of the “underwater Internet” and uses light to transmit high-speed data. Using this technology will allow in the future to control underwater vehicles and receive video from them in real time without the use of traditional cables, and divers and […]

Chinese launch their own GPS

The Chinese launched the last of the satellites, which should help the country create its own GPS system, independent of American technology. The network is known as Beidou. Beidou has been operating for almost two decades and is an important step for China's space and technological ambitions. The Chinese GPS is a competitor owned by […]

Samsung AirDresser – a cabinet that helps to refresh clothes (photo + video)

Samsung AirDresser is a cabinet that allows you to refresh even clothes made of delicate fabrics, so far you had to go to specialized laundries or dry cleaners. Thanks to the unique technology, it allows not only to clean their dirt, but also to remove bacteria and viruses. In our cabinets you can find clothes […]

Amazon forbids police to use their own face recognition technology

Rekognition is an Amazon solution that is used for face recognition. The corporation said that it does not allow the police to use this technology, and it is expected that the changes will take effect over the next year. Amazon wants precise rules to be developed that more accurately define the rules for using Rekognition. […]

Logitech G195 TKL – introduced a new mechanical keyboard without a number block

Logitech has just unveiled a new mechanical keyboard designed for gamers. The novelty has a very thin design and is equipped with Lightspeed technology. Interestingly, the keyboard does not have a number block. Logitech G195 TKL is useful to those gamers who do not have a numeric keypad and it is important to place the […]

Airbus is developing sensors to be deployed at airports and aircraft. For what purpose?

According to the Financial Times, Airbus is developing special sensors that should detect explosives or biological hazards. The technology will be implemented, among other things, at airports. Airbus uses sensors based on modified biological cells that can detect odors in its new project. The company would like to introduce its technologies at airports and even […]

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