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TP-Link Deco P9 – Mesh Wi-Fi system and data transmission over the electric network

Residents of multi-room cottages often complain about problems with a Wi-Fi signal that does not reach all rooms or is too weak for efficient data transfer. A simple solution is to use Wi-Fi Mesh systems, however, in buildings with thick, panel walls, performance is even limited in modern networks based on Mesh technology. TP-Link's hybrid […]

Google Pixel 4 smartphones will introduce a new way to use Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of the main elements of the Android operating system, which is increasingly used by users of smartphones with this OS. Along with the debut of new smartphones from the Google Pixel family, Google Assistant will also change dramatically. Along with the release of new smartphones from the Google Pixel family, Google […]

Saturn suddenly overtook Jupiter: scientists found another 20 moons

Saturn has become the undisputed leader in the number of moons in the solar system. Scientists have found another 20 of them that revolve directly around the gas giant. A group of astronomers led by Scott S. Sheppard found new satellites orbiting the gas giant. Adding them to the celestial bodies already familiar to us, […]

A black hole in the Solar System instead of the 9th planet?

Another hypothesis has appeared regarding what lies beyond the orbit of Neptune. According to her, there is no next planet, but there is a black hole. The object is 10 centimeters in diameter and weighs 5 times more than our planet. Everyone learned about planet 9 three years ago when Batygin and Brown formulated a […]

Tesla Improves Autopilot System

Tesla has acquired a startup that is developing technology that provides autonomous driving. Autopilot in cars of the American manufacturer should become even better. The head of the brand, DeepScale, has posted an update on his LinkedIn account, which indicates that they are currently working for Tesla. The entire deal between the U.S. venture and […]

Nokia will update to Android 10 even the cheapest smartphones

Google has already launched the latest version of its operating system – Android 10. Now the owner of the Nokia brand has announced that budget smartphones will receive an update to the latest version of the operating system. It should be noted that many people who have long ago bought smartphones of this company – […]

New rumor about iOS 13.1 – a problem with a screen replacement

Apple is already slowly introducing the latest version of the iOS 13.1 operating system. The company has added a feature that some users may not like. It is, of course, about the issue of the screen and its replacement. As follows from the documentation provided by Apple, the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro […]

Huawei introduced a TV with its own Smart TV system

During a conference in Munich, Huawei introduced a television called Vision, a device that will use the original Harmony OS operating system. A few weeks ago, Huawei's Honor subsidiary unveiled its first Smart TV system. Now the second of the companies is following the same path – during the conference in Munich, they presented the […]

New feature in iOS caught Facebook

IOS 13, which will appear on all supported Iphone models, has detected problems with Facebook. For a long time, the application was silent in relation to new vulnerabilities. It's about using Bluetooth technology. IOS 13 will appear next week. The Facebook application wants, as it turns out, to gain access to device location tracking via […]

Windows Core OS – New System Information

Windows Core OS is new software developed by Microsoft. A few new information has appeared about the system itself. Windows Core OS is Microsoft software that the US manufacturer has been working on for at least a few years. Windows Core OS or WCOS should initially support Windows Storage Spaces – a solution that will […]

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