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Watch the announcement of Redmi Note 9S live

Xiaomi introduced the Redmi Note 9 Pro and Redmi Note 9 Pro Max last week, and now it's time to introduce the third phone – Redmi Note 9S. It seems that this is a rebranding Redmi Note 9 Pro, as evidenced by its leak into the Geekbench scorecard. Today, the company is broadcasting its launch […]

Android Auto will appear on Harley-Davidson motorcycles

Harley-Davidson just announced that all the new motorcycles of this company will receive an interesting addition in the form of integration with Android Auto. Moreover, this also applies to some old models of motorcycles, so here you can connect your smartphone to the infotainment system. Harley-Davidson is the first company to set up Android Auto […]

Firefox Launches New Mobile Browser Version

Mozilla has released a new version of Firefox for mobile devices. The program number 4.0 represents a number of new products. The new version of Firefox includes an updated data synchronization system. In addition, the company also introduced the “Password Manager” into the program, which makes it easy to remember data for entering the system. […]

Artificial intelligence got its own number system

Neural networks, on the basis of which modern systems of deep machine learning and artificial intelligence are built, in most cases use the standard 32-bit IEEE FP32 floating-point number format. This provides high accuracy of calculations and the final result, but requires the use of large amounts of memory and high-performance processors that consume a […]

Windows 7 gets first update after support is complete

Windows 7, theoretically, should not receive updates because Microsoft decided to “forget” this system in mid-January. However, it turns out that Windows 7 users can download the new update. The fix is ​​marked with the line KB4539601 and solves only one problem in the system related to wallpaper. Microsoft ends support for Windows 7 on […]

A system was discovered whose stars "spin the fabric" from the "fibers" of the space-time continuum

Even 100 years after Albert Einstein formulated his General Theory of Relativity (OTO), new astronomical observations continue to confirm its reliability. Such observations include a pair of unusually dense stars discovered and studied by Australian astronomers, rotating near each other at a short distance, which literally stretch and twist the matrix of the space-time continuum […]

Audi at CES: smart cars and head-up display with 3D

A German manufacturer from Ingolstadt appeared at CES 2020. Audi introduced several solutions that can be implemented in the interior of cars in the future. One of the main attractions is the drone car Audi AI: ME. This is not a model designed for mass production, but only a vision of a city car of […]

Physicists have introduced the idea of ​​a new "star engine" that is able to move the entire solar system

According to theories, technologically advanced civilizations should be able to build gigantic space mega-structures. And such a mega-structure can be attributed to the "star engine", an engine capable of moving the entire solar system to another place, if such a need suddenly arises. In the video below, you can get acquainted with the operating principles […]

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