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Scientists have found traces of a huge space explosion in the center of our galaxy

Scientists believe that about 3.5 million years ago in the center of the Milky Way or our galaxy, a huge cosmic explosion could occur. As observations made in gamma rays show, in the future another similar explosion may occur. In the center of the Milky Way, various phenomena occur. There is, in particular, a giant […]

In space for the first time managed to grow meat

The astronauts at the International Space Station, for the first time, grew meat in the laboratory outside the Earth. To do this, use biological printing from 3D Bioprinting Solutions, which allowed us to create beef steak. It turns out that in space conditions such a process is faster. All kinds of experiments are being conducted […]

Americans block Chinese companies creating face recognition systems

28 Chinese companies and organizations are on the American black list. Each of these firms is engaged in the creation and development of face recognition systems. The US administration has banned 28 companies from cooperating with suppliers from the United States. The ruling circles also decided to block the purchase of components necessary for the […]

Found an unusual double diamond. He's like a nesting doll.

An unusual diamond was found in a diamond mine in Yakutia. Actually, two diamonds. One in the other. They resemble our matryoshka. The diamond was raised to the surface from a mine in Yakutia and immediately aroused the enthusiasm of experts, because it has an unusual structure: it consists of two stones. One of them […]

Oculus creator sells drone ramming other drones

Now the company has shown a special "antidron", the main task of which is to eliminate other drones of this type. Interestingly, we are not talking about any weapons on board, but about … a ram of drones in the air. Of course, the drone will require confirmation from the operator, but it can also […]

Sensational statement by NASA chief scientist

NASA Chief Scientist: “For several years, we can find traces of life on Mars. Mankind is not ready for this yet. ” In the summer of 2020, two more expeditions will go to Mars – one under the auspices of NASA, the second as part of a mission organized by the Russian Space Union. Both […]

Gmail gets dark theme in Android and iOS app

Gmail is another app that gets a dark theme. A popular email client introduces dark mode on both Android and iOS devices. The application automatically adapts to the user's choice and, thus, displays such a theme. Gmail already some time ago, some users began to display a dark topic. It appeared in a test version […]

Austrian Airlines begins using drones to service its aircraft

Austrian Airlines has found a way to take advantage of drones on airplanes. Austrian Airlines has created an autonomous drone that helps the company provide aircraft maintenance. Due to the availability of relevant data and detailed flying around the fuselage, the drone can indicate damage, cracks in the paint and places to which special attention […]

It’s not long to wait for the appearance of air taxis

Volocopter company wishing to conquer the cargo market with its flying taxis announced a fundraiser for the development of the project. Among the investors were companies such as Daimler, Intel and the owner of the Swedish brand Volvo – Chinese Geely. Volocopter is a company with significant experience in developing such vehicles. The first models […]

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