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Tesla is working on batteries that will reduce the price of electric cars

Batteries in electric vehicles are responsible not only for light, but also for the entire range of the vehicle. For this reason, such batteries are quite expensive, but this is what Tesla wants to fix. According to Reuters, the company Ilona Mask can work on cheap batteries, which were supposed to debut this year in […]

Volvo will sell cars equipped with LiDAR

The Swedish manufacturer wants to equip all of its vehicles with an integrated LiDAR radar system. The first such cars should go out in 2022. Within 2 years, each of the Volvo models can be equipped with special LiDAR scanning technology. The combination of a laser head with high-quality cameras is one of the most […]

Free internet from Facebook in some countries. Special application launched

Facebook is moving forward with an exciting new initiative targeting developing countries. This is a special application Discover, which allows you to browse the Internet for free. The application is already available for first comers. According to Facebook, the Discover app was created based on the Free Basics initiative, available in 55 countries. The application […]

Diving masks can help doctors fight coronavirus

The coronavirus epidemic has led to a situation where personal protective equipment in hospitals was almost exhausted. This is why many hospitals are looking for surrogate solutions, such as diving masks. The very idea of ​​using diving masks for this purpose was born some time ago in the head of Renato Favero, an Italian doctor […]

Tired of shaving in poorly lit bathroom? Lucere lights will help

The problem with the lighting that many have encountered in the bathroom is not the best location for the fixtures. They are located either behind you or directly above the mirror, casting light down onto your face, making shaving or applying makeup incredibly difficult. Ideally, you need a light that shines directly on your face, […]

Video conferencing in Tesla cars?

Tesla electric vehicle owners want to turn their cars into mobile offices. The very idea of ​​the possibility of video conferencing in cars of the American brand was born even before the coronavirus epidemic. Then a certain user praised himself in the forum for the conversation inside the car through the Zoom application. Recently, the […]

This custom keyboard animates the Photoshop toolbar!

In addition to being horizontal rather than vertical, this custom keyboard is an exact copy of the Photoshop toolbar. Just place it in front of you, either above the external keyboard or under the laptop keyboard, and you will essentially get a powerful set of Photoshop shortcuts, complete with Photoshop iconography. Here you can find […]

Microsoft Teams gets new features. Among them are backgrounds for video chat

Microsoft Teams is still under development, and further changes have been announced this week. These include video chat functions, which introduce the ability to set the background. At the moment, however, there is no way to upload your own image. However, we know that such an option will also be added over time. Microsoft Teams […]

Skype presents Meet Now. Calls without logging in

Due to the ongoing worldwide coronavirus pandemic, the number of video links has increased significantly. One of the applications with such features, of course, is Skype. Now this program has received a new feature that will allow you to connect to other people even faster. The hit of the last weeks was the Zoom program, […]

The Chinese are working on a safe car battery

BYD Auto – A Chinese car company is developing a battery designed to provide safety without sacrificing performance. Electric cars, despite their great popularity, are still an object of concern. All due to repeated stories of battery explosion and ignition of a damaged car. To prevent such events, the Chinese automobile company BYD is developing […]

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