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USA "lands" almost a thousand drones, because they have technology from China

The US Department of the Interior plans to land a fleet of nearly a thousand drones due to the use of Chinese technology in them, writes the Financial Times. According to the newspaper, this indicates Washington’s growing concerns about decisions from the People’s Republic of China. According to FT sources, US officials believe that the […]

A Chinese company is creating a robot cat. The project is already on Kickstarter

The future is now with us. We are accustomed to the existence of cleaning robots "walking" around the house, and now it's time … a robotic kitten. The Chinese company Elephant Robotics decided to introduce just such a device. An autonomous MarsCat is, as its name indicates, a robot kitten that supposedly behaves just like […]

Gas stations are becoming a new target for hackers: Visa warns customers about possible thefts

Visa issued an official warning to customers stating that scammers had chosen a new target for large-scale hacker attacks, this time it was gas stations. Fraudsters try to steal payment card data, and they do it using a rather complicated algorithm. To do this, they use all the networks of gas stations to which malicious […]

NASA telescope spotted an explosion on a comet

NASA's space telescope, called TESS, was designed to search for alien worlds. However, with its help, sometimes it is also possible to see other phenomena. One of these unusual objects was a comet, from which a large amount of ice, gas and dust comes out. It happened after the explosion. The NASA space telescope allowed […]

YouTube introduces rule changes

YouTube announced that it is introducing new rules in the regulation that are related to the modeling of content related to games. They relate to those videos in which violence occurs. Under the new rules, YouTube will consider such materials in the same way as in the case of television programs or films. YouTube introduces […]

Google Photos with a new feature. This time it's private messages

Google Photos is a popular application that has received a new feature. The company prepares us a chat with the ability to send private messages using instant messaging. Google claims that such an application will help you share photos with loved ones. Now everyone can safely update the installed application and it will finally receive […]

Intellectual Rubik's Cube already in Europe: study and rivalry through the application in the smartphone

GiiKER Super Cube i3SE looks like any other rubik's cube available in stores. And this can also be applied, but … its main functions, the new Rubik's Cube performs only when using a specialized application installed on a smartphone. The toy supports Bluetooth 4.0 for communication with a mobile device, which opens up new opportunities […]

Experts are categorical: do not use public USB charging stations

A special message was issued for travelers: do not recharge any mobile gadgets in public USB charging stations wherever they are – be it hotels, train stations, shopping centers, etc. All indications are that they such stations may have dangerous software. The problem with such public USB charging stations is not new. This topic has […]

Google is testing a new kind of comment section in the mobile version of YouTube

YouTube started testing, changes to the comments section of the Android app. After the changes, comments appear directly below the video and, thus, they will be less noticeable. YouTube comments can only be accessed by scrolling down the screen. They are currently quite hidden, but it seems that this may change soon. It is assumed […]

Twitter allows you to track topics

Twitter has promised that a new option will appear on the social network, namely, tracking various topics of publications. Unfortunately, despite many requests from users, at the moment there is still no such button. Users will probably have to wait until this update appears on all accounts. This time, as the company said, a surprise […]

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