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Austrian Airlines begins using drones to service its aircraft

Austrian Airlines has found a way to take advantage of drones on airplanes. Austrian Airlines has created an autonomous drone that helps the company provide aircraft maintenance. Due to the availability of relevant data and detailed flying around the fuselage, the drone can indicate damage, cracks in the paint and places to which special attention […]

It’s not long to wait for the appearance of air taxis

Volocopter company wishing to conquer the cargo market with its flying taxis announced a fundraiser for the development of the project. Among the investors were companies such as Daimler, Intel and the owner of the Swedish brand Volvo – Chinese Geely. Volocopter is a company with significant experience in developing such vehicles. The first models […]

Panasonic brings LCD TV closer to OLED thanks to MegaCon technology

How to make the LCD TV the same contrast as the OLED TV? You need to attach a second LCD panel to it. That, at least, is the idea of ​​Panasonic, which introduced its MegaCon technology at IFA 2019. Panasonic's MegaCon can significantly increase the contrast ratio to 1,000,000: 1. At the same time, we […]

Google Chrome will verify your passwords

Google Chrome will get a very interesting security feature for your accounts. This is a tool for checking passwords with accessible databases containing information from leaks. Such functionality is offered through expansion, but in a clear example of a browser version from the Canary channel, it was decided to integrate it directly into the program. […]

Huawei can work on modules for smartphones

Contacting SIG Bluetooth may mean that Huawei has started work on modules for smartphones. Motorola tried to implement such ideas earlier. Accessories for smartphones in the form of special modules will operate using the Bluetooth interface. For comparison, Motorola in the Moto C series of smartphones used special magnetic contacts to connect a smartphone with […]

What will be the transport in an intelligent city?

Many large cities are becoming more and more “smart”, and their development is associated with evolution in the field of transport. A breakthrough can be brought by technologies such as the 5G network. 5G communication systems will allow you to transfer data faster and more efficiently. Their connection with sensors and devices from the category […]

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