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Researchers tricked face recognition system with masks

Face recognition systems are increasingly appearing as elements of biometric verification. Now it turns out that such systems can be fooled simply by wearing a mask. Kneron is an artificial intelligence company that has created three-dimensional masks that mimic a human face and tested them in the context of face recognition systems. Tests ended, unfortunately, […]

"Surfing" on sound waves – a new method for controlling the quantum state of single electrons

Researchers from the University of Cambridge have developed a new technology based on the use of high-frequency sound waves, which allows you to control the quantum state of a single electron. Moreover, the accuracy of control and management is a little more than 99 percent, which makes this achievement a significant step towards the creation […]

Rwanda will release the first African smartphones

The production of smartphones, it seems, has already been entrenched in Korea, Japan, China and the United States. The map of manufacturers is expanding a bit, because the African state of Rwanda promises the production of mobile devices. It is likely that we will be dealing with the first “made in Africa” telephone. The company […]

2000 atoms in two places at the same time – a new record in the field of creating a state of quantum superposition

A group of scientists from the University of Vienna and the University of Basel tested the principle of quantum superposition on the largest scale in the entire history of science. Huge complex molecules, consisting of two thousand atoms, were placed in a state of superposition, being, at the same time, in two places at the […]

Tesla drivers locked up in their cars

Yesterday, some Tesla owners in the US were not able to get out of their vehicles when the manufacturer’s application stopped working. In the worst case, I had to wait 3.5 hours for the doors to open. Tesla Model 3 does not have a traditional key. Instead, the car opens with an application in a […]

Scientists have grown a miniature human brain and placed inside a robot

American scientists have created the so-called "organoids." Researchers managed to grow an artificial accumulation of nerve cells, which in their form resemble a miniature version of the human brain and are able to develop. This study raises a lot of ethical debate. According to one scientist, Alysson Muotri, organoids created are able to produce brain […]

WD Introduces New Solid State Drives The company is preparing a special series of discs for players on PC and consoles

Western Digital introduced a number of new products, WD_Black and WD, at IFA this year. The company showed a new compact portable hard drive with a very large capacity, as well as a series of new drives for gamers. WD Black Series – discs designed primarily for players. Among the new products presented, for example, […]

In Moscow opened the first salon brand Aurus

The first salon of the new luxury brand Aurus, the official supplier of executive cars for senior Russian government officials, has opened in Moscow. Customers have two choices. The main one is the Aurus Senate S600 and the longer wheelbase version is the Aurus Senate L700. The S600 Senate is 5.63 m long, 2.02 m […]

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