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"Supernova Machine" allows you to reproduce space disasters in the laboratory

It is known that supernova explosions are one of the most high-energy cataclysms in the Universe, leaving behind nebulae of various shapes, like a magnet, attracting the attention of astronomers. And in order to better understand the physics of the processes of these explosions, researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology created a "supernova machine" […]

Hot air balloon fly into space

Space Perspective, the new space tourism company, has announced plans to deliver passengers and cargo to the Earth's stratosphere with a balloon and a special capsule. The Neptune spaceship will deliver up to eight passengers and one pilot to a height of 30.5 km in the Earth’s atmosphere. Such a journey will last 6 hours. […]

The new design for the cabin will make the flight more comfortable

Zephyr Aerospace introduced a new concept, which involves a different use of space in the cabin. This will allow passengers to use the bunk seat, which will also allow to deploy the seats in a horizontal position. Each of those who flew in economy class for several hours, probably thought about how to improve the […]

China reveals details about new manned capsule

China is working on a new manned capsule that will be used for space flights. The first test of the ship took place last month, when it was launched aboard the Long March 5B rocket. Now there is information about the test conducted in May. The new capsule holds up to seven astronauts. China at […]

A green-blue fireball flew over Australia. Scientists are not sure what it is (video)

The sky over the western part of Australia illuminated a very bright object, which for half a minute "posed" for photos and videos. Scientists do not agree that the origin of this object, but to find it may be impossible. What are theories? On Monday night, a ball of fire illuminated the sky over Western […]

Astronomers have discovered another type of space explosion.

The Universe surrounding us is a rather turbulent place, in which different parts of it constantly explode, generating powerful signals spreading over distances of billions of light years. And recently, astronomers have been able to detect yet another type of cosmic cataclysm that has “eluded” their attention for quite some time. These cataclysms, called Fast […]

Russia plans to build a new orbital space station. ISS replacement expected

The Russian Federation announced plans to build a new orbital space station, which is expected to become a key one in plans for further space conquest. It is to her that ships moored on a journey to the moon and Mars should moor. The design should be modular and, therefore, multifunctional, as well as easy […]

SpaceX successfully sent two astronauts into space as part of the Demo-2 mission

On May 30, 2020, at 19:22 GMT, the famous American space company SpaceX successfully launched the Demo-2 manned mission. The Crew Dragon spacecraft, in the capsule of which are now two astronauts, Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley were launched into space by the Falcon 9 rocket, launched from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, Launch […]

Crew Dragon – SpaceX and NASA mission looked like from space

SpaceX conducted its first manned mission using a Falcon 9 rocket and a Crew Dragon capsule. Two American NASA astronauts flew on it. Everyone could see the launch from Earth, and have you ever thought about how it looked from space? One of the Russian cosmonauts, located on the ISS, took two photos and shared […]

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