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Virgin Galactic began training for tourists who want to fly into space

The topic of tourist space flights some time ago generally seemed like real science fiction, and now this topic is being seriously discussed. Virgin Galactic, which is about to launch a regular space flight service soon, began training a group of 600 people who expressed a desire to travel outside the Earth for tourism purposes. […]

The United States paid Russia a gigantic amount for transporting astronauts to the International Space Station

Since 2011, NASA has been using Russian rockets to transport cargo and astronauts to the International Space Station. The Americans are already working on their successor, which is not particularly surprising given the amount that the US space agency has paid in recent years for the use of Soyuz rockets. NASA's accountant probably cannot wait […]

Long space missions affect the brain structure of astronauts

For many years, NASA has been trying to get answers to questions related to the long stay in space of the human body. Researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina tested the brains of astronauts. Structured changes are proven and this is a fact. These effects can affect brain function changes. People are created […]

SpaceX and Falcon 9 breaks next records

The Starlink project continues to increase the number of satellites. On November 11, another 60 satellites were launched and, very importantly, the mission was carried out with the help of the Falcon 9 rocket, which had previously been used three times. She was again able to return to the ground, and this means that after […]

Scientists have discovered a hidden black hole thanks to a new research method

In recent years, space has more and more attracted the attention of scientists. And you must remember that, unfortunately, humanity has not yet been able to study the most distant corners of space. Black holes are objects that are very numerous in space. Scientists were able to observe them using x-ray radiation. Meanwhile, scientists used […]

Lamborghini will send carbon fibers to the International Space Station

Lamborghini also takes part in the space race – at least in research on the components from which cars are created interesting facts have appeared. The concern is working with the Houston Methodist Research Institute and is going to send carbon fiber into space. The company is going to send to the ISS (International Space […]

China wants to compete with SpaceX

According to local media, a Chinese company based in Beijing has shown its rocket, which is very similar to those that SpaceX has. A rocket from Asia should be launched into space in two years. The rocket is 28 meters long and is designed to move satellites into low Earth orbit. The rocket will appear […]

Scientists have determined that an extremely powerful space explosion occurred near the center of the Milky Way 3.5 million years ago

Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is currently a relatively "quiet" place, but this has not always been the case. A group of astronomers found evidence that several million years ago a powerful explosion occurred in the region of the center of the galaxy, a flash from which illuminated everything around it up to 200 thousand […]

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