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Astronomers have discovered fast radio pulses following a regular cycle from a source of unknown origin

A team of astronomers, led by scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), discovered a new source of fast radio pulses lying outside our galaxy. The distance to this source is about 500 million light-years, its nature is still unknown to scientists, but the most remarkable is that it gives rise to a series […]

Black holes can become an endless source of energy for technologically advanced civilizations

Scientists from the University of Glasgow have received confirmation of the reliability of one theory, expressed more than fifty years ago, according to which a very technologically advanced extraterrestrial civilization can use black holes as practically inexhaustible sources of energy. Even the possibility of testing this theory was for a long time beyond the capabilities […]

CERN scientists consider Higgs boson as a source of dark matter

Scientists have long been calculated that within the visible part of the Universe, there are five times more mysterious dark matter than ordinary matter that you can see and feel. But, despite such an abundance and a large number of experiments conducted in this direction, dark matter has not yet been discovered, and its nature […]

A source capable of producing single photons using a stream of single electrons has been created.

Researchers from the University of Cambridge have developed a new method for obtaining single photons of light by controlling the movement of individual electrons inside the structure of a light-emitting diode (LED) specially designed for this purpose. This new method is simple, however, it is capable of delivering photons of light with stably repeating characteristics […]

CES 2020: Production of water from air and solar energy

According to UN estimates, more than 2 billion people live without clean drinking water in their homes. Zero Mass Water has developed a completely revolutionary solution. Their Source device only receives water from air and sunlight. “The Source panel created by us is currently the only solution providing access to clean water that does not […]

Galaxy Fireworks has become a source of strange X-ray bursts

Galaxy NGC 6946, known as the Fireworks Galaxy, has once again confirmed compliance with its "explosive" name. During observations of this region of space, an extremely bright X-ray flare was recorded, which lasted a very short period of time on cosmic scales. A little more than three weeks went from its beginning to its complete […]

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