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Hans Zimmer makes the sound for BMW electric cars

Electric cars are almost silent, so they should be equipped with artificially created sounds. BMW collaborates with Hans Zimmer to create these sounds. Electric vehicles, in accordance with EU law, are required to produce a louder sound, reminiscent of engine operation. The reason is the notification of pedestrians and other road users about a riding […]

Drug lord brother launches low-cost folding smartphone

Although this sounds ridiculous and incredible, a certain Roberto Escobar, the brother of the famous Pablo Escobar, with the help of one company brings to the market a foldable smartphone at a very attractive price. Currently, smartphones with a folding screen have become incredibly popular. These phones abroad often cost more than 1.5 thousand dollars. […]

Tesla will receive new sounds while driving

Tesla is still working on software updates for its electric vehicles. If Netflix or Cuphead is not enough for anyone, now everyone will be able to choose various sounds, including the sound of coconuts. The new update will affect the sounds that emit the sound of the motor during a slow ride. It is not […]

Bose-Frames – glasses with headphones

The idea sounds completely crazy: the latest Bose Frames are sunglasses and headphones in one – the idea is so innovative that it's amazing. Presumably, this is the coolest gadget of the summer of 2019 – Bose-Frames, which not only protect your eyes from the sun, but also contain a Bluetooth headset with a microphone […]

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