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An indestructible tire capable of changing its properties

One tire, special structures that change the properties of the tread, and heavy-duty materials, created like a web. We find all these solutions in the latest concept from the Goodyear brand. Goodyear involves the creation of a single universal car tire capable of complete, automatic regeneration and adaptation to these conditions on the road. To […]

UK tests wireless charging for electric taxis

A special test program has started in Nottingham. Its mission is to test the cost-effectiveness of wireless electric vehicle charging technology. The UK investment of nearly $ 4.5 million represents the development of a “city cleanup” strategy. Its main premise is the gradual replacement of public transport vehicles from diesel to electric. A six-month trial […]

Google's artificial intelligence began weather prediction

Google has developed algorithms designed to predict the weather. Their effectiveness turned out to be better than that of traditionally applied solutions. Using artificial intelligence from Google to predict short-term forecasts, it turned out that the algorithms work better than the traditionally used methods. The artificial intelligence of the American company uses previously available data […]

Audi at CES: smart cars and head-up display with 3D

A German manufacturer from Ingolstadt appeared at CES 2020. Audi introduced several solutions that can be implemented in the interior of cars in the future. One of the main attractions is the drone car Audi AI: ME. This is not a model designed for mass production, but only a vision of a city car of […]

Honda introduced an innovative steering wheel

At the upcoming CES 2020 in Vegas, Honda wants to introduce cutting-edge solutions for the cars of the future. One of them is a steering wheel prototype designed specifically for autonomous cars. Although the Japanese manufacturer believes that the release of the driver from direct control is the most important issue for the future automotive […]

New MIUI 12 firmware: dark theme will now be displayed in a new way for Xiaomi Redmi smartphones

Although the MIUI 11 system firmware officially appeared only a few weeks ago, the first information about the next version of this solution created by Xiaomi has already appeared on the network. Among them is the news about the introduction of a dark theme for all mobile devices of this manufacturer. One of the key […]

Qatar wants to install air conditioning in the fresh air

In the near future, air conditioners installed in many public places – directly in the open air – may appear in Qatar. The reason for this decision is the extreme temperatures prevailing in this country, which will increase from year to year. In Qatar, air temperature often exceeds 48 ° C. It is worth noting […]

Firefox browser will translate pages very soon without using Google Translate

Mozilla has developed a new website translation mechanic that will soon find use in your Firefox browser. The tool will not use the capabilities of well-known solutions of this type, such as Google Translate or Bing Translator. In one of the upcoming updates, Firefox will receive a new tool for translating web pages. This solution […]

What will be the transport in an intelligent city?

Many large cities are becoming more and more “smart”, and their development is associated with evolution in the field of transport. A breakthrough can be brought by technologies such as the 5G network. 5G communication systems will allow you to transfer data faster and more efficiently. Their connection with sensors and devices from the category […]

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