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Smart speaker as an accent part of the interior

Columns for designers are like pizza toppings for ordinary people, you can never focus on combinations, and you need to continue to innovate to find the one you need. Portable speakers usually do not have an intriguing aesthetics, so Seda was created with the intention of blending both visual effects and technology to make these […]

The Chinese are intensively testing the "cars of the future"

In connection with the preparations for the Winter Games of 2022, an area of ​​100 square kilometers in Beijing will be given for testing autonomous vehicles. The organizers want these to be the most tech games in history. In some limited areas of Beijing, cars without drivers have been driving since December. In May, according […]

Diving masks can help doctors fight coronavirus

The coronavirus epidemic has led to a situation where personal protective equipment in hospitals was almost exhausted. This is why many hospitals are looking for surrogate solutions, such as diving masks. The very idea of ​​using diving masks for this purpose was born some time ago in the head of Renato Favero, an Italian doctor […]

A universal cleaner for clothes and … your entire room has been developed

Now more than ever, we are looking for household appliances that are multifunctional and have additional cleaning functions, right? The concept of combining cleaning functionality with household appliances is now a gold mine. Therefore, it is not surprising that the FAD 01/02 clothing and air multi-care system is one of the winners of the Red […]

The V-shaped aircraft is energy efficient and has double cabin space!

Bridging the distinction between an airplane’s cabin and its wings, Justus Benad’s Flying-V offers a unique V-shaped airplane design that integrates the passenger cabin, cargo compartment and fuel tanks right in the wings. As part of a graduation project, Bedan Justus, a student at Delft University of Technology, designed the Flying-V, which has a wider […]

Tesla Struggles For Changes In European Law Regarding Truck Restrictions

Tesla is set to launch the first batch of its electric trucks this year. However, Tesla Semi is not easy to enter the transport market. This is a difficult and complex industry, and although there are not many electric competitors on the market, obtaining permission will not be easy. Company executives want to prepare the […]

Official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Evens Hacked by Hackers

Official Facebook accounts on social networks Twitter and Instagram were hacked by hackers. This was done by specialists from the OurMine group. After the hack, they posted to Facebook information about what he can do to secure their accounts in the future. OurMine group is known for trying to rewrite accounts of famous people or […]

One type of charger – European Commission new idea

The European Commission plans to introduce rules that should unify the type of charger for a smartphone. The point is that any of the mobile devices can be charged using the same accessory. Currently, the most popular charging standards are micro-USB, USB-C, and the Lightning connector. The introduction of one standard universal charger will allow […]

Assistant Siri “saved” teenager drowning in icy water

Voice assistant Siri helped call for help to an 18-year-old teenager who found himself in a raging ice river. A teenager’s car fell right into the water. Texts often appear on the Internet describing how technological innovations can be useful in unforeseen cases. Today's story confirms the usefulness of smart solutions. Without a doubt, they […]

An application that allows you to look at the world from the point of view of a dog, insect or fish

Scientists have created software called micaToolbox V2 & QCPA that can modify any photo from your smartphone or digital camera into the image that they see bees, fish or mammals. Scientists have created free open source software that will allow you to get a realistic simulation of the image, viewed from the point of view […]

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