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A police robot refused to accept a fight statement and left with a song

In a small town near Los Angeles, a rather strange situation occurred when a woman who noticed a fight in the park wanted to call a police patrol. Unfortunately, the policeman robot did not accept the application and asked to leave the road. A pilot program has been launched in Huntington Park to patrol streets […]

A woman allergic to Wi-Fi is something new!

Rosie Gladwell is a 70-year-old British woman who has discovered hypersensitivity to the electromagnetic field caused by Wi-Fi networks. Hypersensitivity to the electromagnetic field is a disease that affects a very small number of people. And although scientists have not yet been able to confirm such a disease, there are people who feel bad around […]

Simple Google Image Search

The Google search function using images has been around for a long time, but it can still be inconvenient to use it. Now Google is thinking about how to simplify the search for images and information about them in order to do this quickly and efficiently. By default, a picture search requires a few clicks: […]

Scientists have developed a new type of battery

Indian scientists said they were working on a new type of cell that could soon squeeze classic lithium-ion batteries out of the market. Their advantage should be the low cost of production and eliminate the risk of damage. It is worth noting that the issue of battery explosions is quite relevant recently. Children are now […]

PhotoChromeleon will make your stuff never bore you

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created a mixture of photochromic dyes. It can be used to paint the surfaces of any item – from shoes to cars. PhotoChromeleonem will change color. This is a reversible process, and by the way, it can be performed an infinite number of times, and without prejudice […]

Apple conference for the first time in history will be broadcast on Youtube

The Apple conference will be held on September 10, and the giant from Cupertino for the first time plans to provide the broadcast to the public through the YouTube video service. Until now, the giant did not do this and used only its own platform. A few years ago it was quite problematic to watch […]

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