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Is this a smartphone? Top 5 most unusual innovative mobile devices

As soon as the public got used to the “smart” phones, capable of performing dozens of various useful functions, smartphones began to appear on the market, which, in addition to opportunities, shock their appearance and origin. Manufacturers began to work actively on the creation of devices with three cameras, mobile phones in a flexible case, […]

Drug lord brother launches low-cost folding smartphone

Although this sounds ridiculous and incredible, a certain Roberto Escobar, the brother of the famous Pablo Escobar, with the help of one company brings to the market a foldable smartphone at a very attractive price. Currently, smartphones with a folding screen have become incredibly popular. These phones abroad often cost more than 1.5 thousand dollars. […]

That's what Samsung's extremely curved displays should look like!

A patent was published on the net depicting Samsung’s idea for extremely curved displays that extend to the edge of smartphone design. This technology will eliminate the volume buttons and the switch, and may soon be in your Galaxy smartphone. Screens with curved edges are a symbol of modern smartphones of an expensive price category, […]

Xiaomi's new smartphone may look like the iPhone 11 Pro and have an additional screen

Xiaomi has the idea of ​​another smartphone that will have several distinctive features – one of them is the layout of the camera, inspired by the new iPhone 11. The new Xiaomi phone surprises with several design elements. Xiaomi is not afraid of revolutionary ideas, which confirms the creation of Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha. Recently, […]

Intellectual Rubik's Cube already in Europe: study and rivalry through the application in the smartphone

GiiKER Super Cube i3SE looks like any other rubik's cube available in stores. And this can also be applied, but … its main functions, the new Rubik's Cube performs only when using a specialized application installed on a smartphone. The toy supports Bluetooth 4.0 for communication with a mobile device, which opens up new opportunities […]

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