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The world's first transparent smart mask N99 + with UV-C sterilization

In the current situation, when we all need to consider the presence of the COVID-19 virus and its impact on society, we wear face masks. Numerous fabric or paper face masks hide our appearance and our personality. We lose personal connections with people when we do not understand their intentions and cannot see the facial […]

A conventional light allows listening from a distance of 25 meters

Smart home devices can be hacked, be it the camera and microphone of a laptop or smartphone. Phishing, a bad password or carelessness can lead to hacking of a mailbox or bank account. However, we must not forget about more traditional methods of observation. This is best shown by the fact that an ordinary home […]

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 officially presented

Xiaomi officially introduced the Mi Band 3 smart bracelet. The accessory has several improvements over the previous generation of this gadget. Xiaomi has introduced the Mi Band 5 smart bracelet. This is the fifth generation of the popular gadget, which is selling well around the world. Mi Band 5 is equipped with a 1.1-inch display. […]

Realme Watch – the debut of low-cost smart watches with interesting features

Realme Watch is a low-cost smart watch of the Chinese brand, which debuted in India. The watch has a 1.4-inch screen and a battery that provides up to 20 days of work per charge. The device has a sensor that measures the saturation of oxygen in the blood and a heart rate monitor. Enclosure complies […]

Smart speaker as an accent part of the interior

Columns for designers are like pizza toppings for ordinary people, you can never focus on combinations, and you need to continue to innovate to find the one you need. Portable speakers usually do not have an intriguing aesthetics, so Seda was created with the intention of blending both visual effects and technology to make these […]

Xiaomi makes smart watches with 70 sports modes!

Xiaomi intends to create a smart watch with a record number of sports modes. Amazfit Ares will debut in just a few days. We know what the new Xiaomi watch looks like. The Chinese manufacturer again decided to shock the world with its new product, this time focused on athletes. A photo and the release […]

Amazfit X – smart watch with a curved screen

Amazfit's innovative smartwatch hits Indiegogo. What do we know about them and how do they stand out? Amazifit X, presented in early announcements as a smart bracelet, has undergone minor changes. Since then, the company has already called this model a smart watch, and although the functions of the device combine the capabilities of one […]

Xiaomi is working on an inexpensive gadget that revolutionizes the TV

Recent data indicate that Xiaomi can work on its own smart set-top box for the TV. According to available information, this accessory is called Mi TV Stick. Xiaomi will develop its own set-top box, which will use Android TV. The device will work almost the same as Chromecast and other similar solutions, however, it will […]

The removable headset of this smart watch changes the very concept of wearable technology

Many of us have a phone, a clock, and headphones — all this sends us notifications (albeit in different ways). They also allow you to access the voice assistant and almost all of your data, such as a calendar, phone book, or other services. The time has come when many users and, of course, developers […]

Redmi launches its first smart display

Redmi has just announced that it will launch its smart display, which is an intelligent display for living quarters. Such screens are devices that are a mix of tablet and smart speaker. Display Redmitouch Screen Speaker 8 in fact is a gadget similar to Mi AI Touchscreen Speaker Pro 8, which is modeled on Amazon […]

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