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New from Xiaomi with a unique rotating camera and a folding screen

The Xiaomi patent got on the network, which shows an amazing smartphone. It not only has a folding screen, but also a rotating camera with four lenses. Xiaomi – which is pretty surprising – has not yet demonstrated a foldable smartphone. However, this does not mean that the Chinese manufacturer does not have such plans, […]

Samsung is working on an innovative smartphone for itself

A render appeared on the Internet, which supposedly shows a new Samsung smartphone containing a pop-up selfie camera. It is assumed that this model is included in the budget line of devices of the Galaxy A series. Initially, the Samsung Galaxy A90 smartphone was supposed to be a device equipped with a pop-up camera for […]

LG introduces a new mysterious strategy for its smartphones

The latest report shows that LG may abandon the popular “G” series of smartphones. The report claims that LG is going to get rid of the “G” brand, although it is unclear what impact this decision will have on further mobile equipment of the Korean manufacturer. The brand will also start using Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 […]

Satellite imagery shows the effect of coronavirus on gas emissions in Europe

The coronavirus pandemic has slowed the economy in Europe. Many establishments are closed. ESA satellite imagery shows the effect of COVID-19 on atmospheric emissions. In the second half of this month, they were significantly less compared to March 2019. Below you see two satellite images that were taken over Spain. The first of these is […]

Intel shows how its processors are created

Intel shared two interesting videos on its channel, where the company decided to show how its processors are created. The beginning is an idea where a concept is born. Then – various technological processes that are intended for the production of the processor. Before processors go to stores, they have a long way to go. […]

Xiaomi shows groundbreaking technology! Budget models will be much better

Xiaomi has developed an efficient fingerprint reader located inside the LCD screen. A smartphone with such technology does not yet exist, so the Chinese have good chances of a breakthrough. We have known readers installed inside screens for about two years. Of course, the Chinese who excel at mobile technology have designed and implemented them. […]

On the neighboring exoplanet, “potentially good living conditions”

K2-18b is an exoplanet located 124 light-years from Earth. Scientists are constantly trying to study this world more closely. New results show that this is a planet where there may be good living conditions that we know with us. It is very important that K2-18b is an exoplanet that is at least twice as large […]

NASA shows the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on air quality

NASA has provided interesting maps that show how coronavirus affects air pollution in selected regions of China itself. Of course, not direct, but the epidemic led to the closure of many plants. In the Wuhan region, there has been a sharp decrease in pollution. NASA is also considering regions where the epidemic of the coronavirus […]

Apple has created a convertible seat for a car

Although Apple is still a long way from creating its first car, the company is increasingly showing interest in the familiar automotive industry. Recently, an American company filed for approval a patent for a high-tech car seat. His innovation is the variable architecture of the fibers and the use of special rollers that can strain […]

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