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Specifications Huawei Nova 6 leaked to the network right before the premiere

Huawei Nova 6 is a phone that should be presented by the fifth of December this year. Now the network has new information about this series and, moreover, we already have all the technical specifications of the phone, as in the 4G and 5G versions. Both models will have a Kirin 990 processor, the 5G […]

Guo World Champion retires – AI is to blame

The AlphaGo artificial intelligence theme, which outperforms humans, has recently reappeared in many media outlets. This time, however, not because of the upcoming matches, but because once the best player in Go stated that he should resign precisely because of AI. Lee Se-Dol was the world champion in Go, who, unfortunately, lost artificial intelligence AlphaGo […]

Kaspersky warns: Black Friday is close and hackers will lurk buyers online

Black Friday is the day of the year on which many people shop online more often than usual. Criminals understand this and Kaspersky Corporation employees warn about it. Hackers should focus mainly on buyers of goods from the fashion, shoes, gifts, toys and jewelry categories. Be careful. Black Friday is a great holiday of shopping, […]

US President wants Apple to take part in 5G network construction in USA

Donald Trump visited a branch in Austin this week where Apple will produce new MacPro computers. Then he posted on Twitter a message in which he wrote that he would like to see Apple participate in the construction of the American 5G network. The US President believes that the company Tim Cook has all the […]

Stanford University creates hospitals of the future: robots will work in the halls and artificial intelligence will be involved

Stanford University announced the creation of hospitals of the future. This is an automated institution in which personnel will be largely replaced by various robots. Hospitals should be ready to connect to the 5G network, as well as use solutions based on artificial intelligence. The future of the hospital will be based on new technologies, […]

Virgin Galactic began training for tourists who want to fly into space

The topic of tourist space flights some time ago generally seemed like real science fiction, and now this topic is being seriously discussed. Virgin Galactic, which is about to launch a regular space flight service soon, began training a group of 600 people who expressed a desire to travel outside the Earth for tourism purposes. […]

Sensation!!! Airbus has built an invisible aircraft, on which it worked in complete secrecy for a decade

For about 12 years, Airbus worked on a project that did not officially exist. The company introduced reporters to LOUT, a stealth technology demonstrator that allows airplanes to disappear from radar. Airbus invited journalists and covered the whole event with a haze of mystery. The manufacturer in the introduction said that the selected guests will […]

Pixel 4 XL crumbles in your hands! The next problems flagship from Google

In the Pixel 4 series, the manufacturer decided to resort to some kind of mix of new technologies and design that evokes mixed feelings. A serious complaint to the Pixelem 4 XL was made by the famous tester Zack from the JerryRigEverything channel, which is famous for the extreme tested smartphones for durability. Speaking about […]

Fitbit absorbed by Google – transfer cost $ 2.1 billion

By buying Fitbit, which cost the company $ 2.1 billion, Google can enter into a real competition with the Apple Watch, which is currently the most recognizable product of this type. The possibility of buying a Fitbit brand by a giant from Mountain View has been discussed for a long time. The case has gained […]

NASA is planning a new moon mission

NASA announces a new lunar mission. The VIPER lunar rover will be sent to the south pole of the moon, from where it will have to take soil samples. This should happen before the manned mission of Artemis. The main goal of the mission of Artemis is to create a permanent base. It is imperative […]

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