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One of the satellite galaxies may be responsible for the shape of the Milky Way

Many stars of the Milky Way are located in a certain area of ​​space occupied by the spiral arms of our galaxy. It has recently been discovered that this sheath is slightly convex around the edges. Recent evidence suggests that this may be due to recent or even continuous interaction with a nearby galaxy. Using […]

Giving nanoparticles a special shape provides them with the properties necessary for quantum technology

Currently, many groups of scientists are working with nanoparticles, tiny particles of various materials, only a few nanometers in size. Nanoparticles, in turn, come in various shapes — columns, spheres, cubes, bubbles, S-, V-shaped, etc. Interest in such particles is due to the fact that, due to their tiny size, they have quantum-mechanical properties, which […]

The new three-dimensional map of the Milky Way shows us the "twisted and curved" shape of our galaxy

For quite some time, astronomers have believed that the shape of our galaxy, the Milky Way galaxy, is fully consistent with the shape of a traditional spiral galaxy. Our galaxy has a core surrounded by a flat disk consisting of stars, planets and clouds of interstellar gas and cosmic dust. The disk of our galaxy […]

Scientists have managed to create a temperature-controlled robot

Scientists from the California Institute of Technology have developed an interesting robot that can change shape under the influence of temperature. Such a solution contains great potential. Two different types of hinges were created, which fold depending on the heat supplied. One of the robots called Rollbot is able to take the shape of a […]

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