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Go Dogo will help you tame your dog and take care of it when the pet is alone in the house

The kit consists of a feed supply unit, a camera, and an application that serves to set up dog training and track pet progress. Go Dogo connects to the phone via Wi-fi and works with Android and iOS systems. The device weighs a little over one and a half kilograms and has 16 centimeters in […]

The Japanese set a record for the minimum orbit of an artificial satellite

The Guinness Book of World Records Committee awarded the Japan Space Research Agency (JAXA) the title of holder of a record for the smallest altitude of the flight of an artificial Earth satellite to date. During the SLATS (Super Low Altitude Test Satellite) mission, which was conducted from December 23, 2017 to October 1, 2019, […]

Cows got a kit for virtual reality

The network got photos of cows wearing a kit for virtual reality. What is it? Joke? In social networks, photos of cows began to appear, with virtual reality kits on their heads. It turns out that this is an experiment conducted in Russia. Thanks to the use of glasses, cows should not only give more […]

Huawei shows new MateBook and tablet with Android OS

Huawei at the last conference in Shanghai showed a range of different electronic devices. There is a TV and even a smart speaker, but, interestingly, the company also introduced a completely new tablet and two MateBook laptops. A few days ago, people only suspected that Huawei was working on a 15-inch MateBook. The company will […]

A new record has been set in the field of particle acceleration in a plasma channel

Not so long ago, physicists at the Berkeley Lawrence National Laboratory set a new world record for particle acceleration. In a 20-centimeter section of the plasma accelerator, electron beams were dispersed to an energy of 0 to 7.8 billion electron-volts (GeV). Note that the previous record in this area was set by the same scientists, […]

Firefox 71 allows you to choose a separate search mode incognito

Firefox 71 will appear in early December. In the new version we will find various forms of optimization, but the most interesting is the function associated with incognito mode. We can install a separate browser for this mode. Incognito mode is already a standard in browsers and is not some kind of innovation. The latest […]

Apple patents a new on-screen keyboard that you can "feel"

On-screen keyboards during text input do not give the same impression as classic ones. This is due to the fact that they lack physical buttons. Apple wants to change this, and has made an interesting patent application for an on-screen keyboard, which you can “feel” during typing. A new Apple patent has been spotted on […]

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Premium introduced – this is a real monster

The Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Premium is a smartphone whose users will probably never complain about a lack of performance. The manufacturer installed a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus processor and very large memory resources here. Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Premium does not differ in a large number of elements from Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro. Here […]

A new record has been set for the range of conservation of quantum entanglement between light and matter

The ghostly world of quantum mechanics promises us the future of a fast and secure Internet, the amazing computing power of quantum computers and much more. And now, researchers from the University of Innsbruck and the Institute of Quantum Optics and Computer Science of the Austrian Academy of Sciences have taken another step towards the […]

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